Do Your HoneyMoon Right - Romance, Relaxation & Adventure

On our two year anniversary I am doing what I did last year and probably every year to come: reliving the wonderful memories which were our wedding weekend and honeymoon. 

Ari and I bonded over our sense of adventure. Thus, our honeymoon certainly had to include aspects of adventure that would provide the kinds of thrills we are accustomed too. Yet, a honeymoon should still be a honeymoon. 

As a world traveler and veteran bride, here are some tips that I feel very strongly about when it comes to planning your honeymoon:

1) Take it right after the wedding. If your schedule permits, this is the ideal time for basking in your wedding glory. Wedding planning is hectic and the wedding is absolutely exhausting. In fact, you and your husband may have been so busy entertaining guests, it's time to be alone and reflect on your life together.

2) While you may feel it's the time to go over the top and plan for a far away exotic location, a place closer to your time zone is a better option. You will be so exhausted from the wedding, an international flight just seems like torture, not to mention getting used to a completely new timezone. If you have a month off for you honeymoon then this does not apply to you. 

3) If adventure is your thing then definitely plan for it. But, IT'S YOUR HONEYMOON! Leave plenty of time for Romance. Splurge on a deluxe hotel room with beach views / hot tubs / butler service - whatever!

4) In order to make the most of your romantic suite, don't forget sunblock if you are on a sunny trip. Nothing like not being able to touch each other due to a sunburn :)

5) Make sure your husband takes lots of hot bathing suit pictures of you. It might be the best shape you'll ever be in post wedding diet and work out regime!

6) When your girlfriends offer to throw you a lingerie shower - take them up on it! or just combine it with your bachelorette party. If you are like most modern couples, you probably already live together... I strongly recommend bringing all never been seen before, hot panties, nighties, see thru robes etc. As the days near to your wedding the last thing you have time for is lingerie shopping, which is why it's great when you already have your stash from your lingerie party.

7) Planning the honeymoon is a great job for the groom. Brides, you have enough to do planning the wedding. Let your husband-to-be show you how romantic he can be. You can just give him these few guidelines and let him woo you.

Our Honeymoon to Costa Rica was a perfect mixture of Romance, Relaxation and Adventure. From America, Costa Rica is just close enough to not spend too much time in transit yet a world away in it's tropical climate. We started our adventure at the base of a volcano in a resort tucked into the landscape. After a day of lounging pool side and eating tons of fresh fruit we embarked on our first adventure: a hike up to a former volcano crater now filled with water. This intense hike ended with a mystic swim. 

Then we got into our Toyota Rav4 and drove into the Rain Forest where we encountered Sloths and hanging bridges. Here we tried zip lining for the first time (though I rode tandem with the guide as I was to nervous to fly over the cloud forest on my own). Ari understood.

Lastly, we drove to the seaside where our room was situated over looking the Pacific Ocean. Ari learned to surf, I lounged on the beach, We saw a Toucan and Baby hummingbirds!!! and monkeys and iguanas and...Ari got a sunburn... :) We even met up with other honeymooners and went on our first married double date for an afternoon sail into sunset. 


The pictures really say it all:























More Color, Please.
DIY | Weddings

Wedding design is serious business now. A decade ago it was enough just to have an amazing dress and a great band, but the bar has been raised with the technology revolution (speaking of Pinterest, in particular). 

It Starts with color: Traditionally one color was chosen as a theme for a wedding. If you were very design oriented, you may have chosen an accent color. Now, it's an entire palette. Did you get that memo?!

Above is the palette I chose for our wedding. I had an entire color palette because I am a designer for a living and that is just how I would start any event or collection. More on how I arrived at these choices here. Though now, there are many helpful sources to choose color for the less design oriented. 

The website called Color Collective is a great resource for this kind of task. She has found beautiful images that employ rich color and pull out a complimentary color palette. 

Below are some of my favorite works from her blog. Click here for more from Color Collective. 

*** note this is also a great source for home decor and other color projects. 

My other favorite website for finding color palettes is Design Seeds. The concept is similar but it's more interactive. You can search by color which is helpful if you already know your primary color and are looking for complimentary ones. 

Below are some of my favorite pallets from her blog. Click here for more from Design Seeds. 


It Screamed: Fun! Party! & Love!
The Wedding | DIY Wedding

The invitation is what sets the tone for your soirée. A formal affair necessitates Black & White, very heavy card stock and calligraphy. Something more informal could have more color, playful writing and be printed on something out of the ordinary.

For our wedding, the tone we wanted to set was: Come to have a Fun time because We are in Love!
It was more than an invite, but a story book that all were invited to see how it all ended.

Luckily I have a very talented friend, Cassie LaGreca, of Pulled To Gather who offered her services to help design the perfect invite.

The cover photo used a Buddhist quote since we were marrying on Buddha's birthday. It was very symbolic of the way we wanted to spend the day "Happiness does not decrease by being Shared"

Since these invitations would be going to some family members who we have not seen for many years, we wanted more than a card with names and dates - we needed a little reacquainting. Also, I thought it was nice for members of both families to get a little more insight into the bride or groom whom they did not know. Thus, we included short background stories about our paths until meeting and a collage of photographs along the way.

Then there was the necessary information .... blah blah blah ...... Like Place and Date and Time and other Formalities.  Since we had the wedding in a somewhat remote spot, we included a weekend of Festivities and this needed to be clearly indicated as well.  In 4 cards, printed front and back, we managed to get all of this information in. They were tucked into Metallic Gold Envelopes and sealed with a... Decorative return address label.

For your own customized FUN wedding invitations or any other kind of invitation, contact Cassie ASAP

Just Put a Flag on It

Your Finest Dress with a Side of Old Betsy 

Well now you are in the crunch time for getting your look together tomorrow. You own no red, no white, no blue, no stars and no stripes. Yet, you still really want to be festive at tomorrow's BBQ and firework party.  

Here is my quickest trick - Throw a Flag on it!
You can wear basically anything, why not your old wedding dress or prom dress and just stand next to a flag the entire time or swipe some Patriotic table decor from the party and stick it in a belt loop or your bun.


American Flag, 4th of July, Wedding Dress

First Wedding Anniversary Present

Back in April I was fretting over what to do in terms of a 1st Wedding Anniversary Present. I knew that according to tradition, it's a gift of paper which really requires some creativity since paper on it's own can be a dull present. After some research and some input from Facebook friends, I constructed this:

It's Paper Memories. It started with this small shopping bag in which I had saved all the cards and envelopes from everyone that sent us sweet notes and well wishes. I loved the way our names looked next to each other on all of the envelopes in the handwriting of all our friends. So, I took all of the paper I amassed from the wedding planning stage, all of the cards with marriage advice, all of the envelopes, photos taken of guests from the wedding day and arranged it in this paper book to be cherished for years. Hence it was a paper present from not only me, but from all of our dear friends and family too.

The cover is like a 5th Grade notebook with doodles of you and your future husbands name scribbled all over the place. Except, NOW IT'S FOR REAL!

p.s. there are some pages/ photos not shown.... 

and here is
  How To Make It:
1. Start with a blank canvas. I like these drawing books from art supply stores. This one is 10" x 10"

2. Find all of the cards and mementos you have amassed. Ideally you have kept them all in one spot.
3. Even the envelopes become part of the art. Cut out your names to make a collage. 
4. Find other random stuff you may have kept from the planning stages like notes you made about the ceremony or a note from your husband to-be right before the wedding.
5. Here, you need Mod Podge to seal the deal. I prefer the satin finish.
6. Collage your names on the cover. The Mod Podge can be used as the glue to adhere the paper to the book. You can even include a photo or cool imagery from a card. 
7. Now LAYER LAYER LAYER. Use a paint brush to coat all of the paper. You should put about 5 coats of ModPodge on the collage letting it dry for about an hour between each coat. This will help to protect and preserve the paper on the cover. It also gives it a more finished look than just cut out pieces of paper. 
and the cover can look something like this

8. Interior: In lieu of a guest book we opted for post cards. Guests wrote notes on these cards  from Cut the Cake Designs and my mom sent them to use through out our first married year. 

9. I matched up the cards written to the photos taken at the Photo Booth. It is really special to be able to see the photo of the person and read the sentimental notes they wrote to us. It was really a special time.

10. Here I found notes from my planning book about making the invitation. So I included it along with a portion of the invite. These were all of the little parts of the process the groom has no idea of.

and this was an extra gift in conjunction to the book
11. it's a fun saver camera from Urban Outfitters that we used to take pictures on our weekend away for our  1st Anniversary Celebration.
 You see, the pictures are also paper and they will be added to the book when printed. The photos come out with funny text overlaid on the photo. Thus, it's a double surprise when we finally get the prints back the old fashion way.

and there - First Anniversary Present Done

Happy Father's Day to an Iconic Eccentric - My Dad


Dad in his King Fish Suit

Kisses, Seer Sucker Suit, Wedding Day
 For my wedding I requested my dad wear a classic southern searsucker suit since we would be celebrating in Louisiana. He kept referring to it as his “Kingfish Suit”. Hence, Huey P. Long lives on in the hearts and minds of the good ole people of Louisiana. For this occasion my dad ordered almost as many shoes as I did as he could not decide on the perfect wing tip oxfords. I love his appreciation of the small details and  the importance of style
Seer Sucker Suit, Nicole Miller Wedding dress, checker floor
Note - The Shoes
My dad, as unlikely as it may appear, might be responsible for my fashion flair. Though, thank goodness for my mom who indulged me in my shopping addiction. Together they turned me into a fashion patron and style critic and creator.

Back to my dad since it’s Father’s Day – while he definitely has made some fashion faux pas, he gets loads of points for experimenting and using fashion as a way to express all of the things he has to say.

Thanks Dad for... everything.

First Chair Dance in Acadiana

It's C'est Fou Saturday and this Video still makes me laugh a year later. 

I have no hard evidence to prove it, but this might be the first time this wedding ritual was ever performed in Eunice, Louisiana. At our Cajun Jewish Wedding we did it all.

Just before the Chair Dance we took part in a Cajun tradition, the Money dance which is where guests pin money on you to take you for a spin on the dance floor. It's really a great way to get a dance in with most of your guests in a short time. Now the Chair dance is certainly entertaining for all as you hold on for dear life and try your best to have fun up in the air while possibly drunk friends bob you up and down. The chairs were also sentimental and somewhat a fashion statement. They were the chairs of my great grandfather: Wooden body with real cow hide seat covers. He was really from the country.

Watching Ari's face is the best. I never see him very scared but here he is quite frightened at times.

First Wedding Anniversay = Paper Present

Oh no - It's almost our first anniversary and since I've been sick for half a month I've had no head space to plan the best 1st anniversary present ever. Starting now!!!!!!

...a look back...
rehersal supper wedding one year wedding anniversary

As a little girl coming across this traditional notion that the 1st wedding anniversary gift be PAPER - I was so puzzled - Who wants paper??? How is paper romantic???

Here I am still trying to figure this out.  So far this is what a quick internet search reveals:
wedding anniversary gift ideas

(1) a new book for summer
(2) paper plane cuff links
(3) a personalized journal
(4) a map of our travels
(5) custom printed coasters
(6) a handwritten love note
(7) framed keepsakes
(8) tickets to a sporting event 


Wedding: DIY Thank You Cards

 The Unconventional Thank You Note

According to the big book of Wedding Etiquette, newlyweds have one year to finish sending Thank You notes. Well, we are definitely pushing it to the end of etiquette. Yikes, just 2 more weeks to get those last thank yous out!

Ari and I made it a point to add many special handmade touches to the wedding, thus we could not stop at the Thank You notes. The conventional Thank You Note with "thank you" on the front and a polite note about how much we love our new gift on the inside is so... expected.  Armed with glue sticks, markers, stamps, left over wedding mags & Victoria Secret catalogs, we made each Thank You note personalized with collages and funny jokes (sometimes forgetting to even mention the present).

It was really fun to do together - I highly suggest it. It will only take 10X longer than writing a conventional Thank You note.

Step 1:    Have a list of all the Thank You notes due so they can be checked off
Step 2:   Buy plain white cards or any other light color like grey, écru or light blue
Step 3:   Go thru old magazines for pretty and funny pictures. It's a great use for all of the now 
                     useless wedding magazines you have laying around. Ari enjoyed using the US Weekly  
                     and Victoria Secret Catalogs for more "comical" cards.
                    To make it quicker: I cut out lots of interesting images. Once I had a pile of images         
                    I liked, I started to take my favorites and glue stick them to the face and inside of the  
                    cards. For lettering I used stamps, hand written words, and more magazine cut outs.

Step 4:   Pen your thank you note & Stick in Envelope. You can glue more pictures to the outside
                     closure for more fun.

Step 5:  Wait for all of the responses. These are Thank you notes your loved ones will not forget.

Wedding: DIY PhotoBooth Wall


wedding photo wall
The Best Man and The Maid of Honor (our siblings)
wedding photo booth
End of the Night - Very sweaty and still having Fun - Bride, Dad, Groom & Mom
For our wedding last April, my parents had the task of constructing a Photo Booth Wall. I think they hated doing it as there were no instructions - just an idea. But the end result was very much worth it. The idea was to make a free standing wall that could be positioned near the entrance of the reception where guests could stop to have their photo taken. The wall would have 2 cut outs, framed, to give the illusion that the person standing in the cut out was a picture on the wall. The wall would be enhanced with family photos, especially those of past weddings.

men with frames
This is how it started. Dad & Ari and 2 lone frames
[green paint chip]
benjamin moore paint
A page from my Wedding Inspiration book: Prairie Green from Benjamin Moore used to paint wall
The Photo Booth wall served several purposes:
# 1 It was a chance to capture all of our guests in a photograph

# 2 It provided a bit of entertainment to guests considering they are not camera shy

# 3 Most importantly - It paid homage to our family members that could not be with us on that day since we used it to display photographs of our grandparents weddings and other vintage family photos.
great grandmother with grandchildren
Ari's Great Grandmother with grandchildren
My Grandparents Wedding Day

wedding photo booth wall
Uncle David and Taunt Verna {Why are we doing this?}
wedding photo booth wall
Laura {i'm dying to hve a wedding!!}                   Ali {mustaches look good on me?}
wedding photo booth wall
Barbara {why did the bride lick the groom's finger at the ceremony?}           Ferdie {it was the only way to get the ring on.}
wedding photo booth wall
Bri {who is this guy?}               Jon {where's the crawfish?! I'm hungry}
wedding photo booth wall
The Langleys {we need one of these at our house}
wedding photo booth wall
Ely {you ready to do this in a few months?}                     Carolyn {what do you think?}
jessica stelly amy himel gomez chris naquin wedding photo booth wall
Jessica & Amy {oh no, we got photo bombed!}
wedding photo booth wall
Nate & Lynne {damn we are cocktail fabulous}           The Dads {hell yeah}
wedding photo booth wall
Chris {this is fun}         Mimi First {after this cocktail we are getting out of here and driving down a freaky country road}
wedding photo booth wall cute boys
Bobby {what did I miss? I was asleep}   Marvin & Robbie {daiquiris drive thrus are always a good idea}
wedding photo booth wall
Richie & Alex {do you remember how to get back to our log cabin?}    Colin & Gillian {why?}
wedding photo booth wall
Mel {...everytime I go out...}          Matt { know I bring the dough out....}
wedding photo booth wall lloyd deedle deedle dees
Michael {where am I?}         Lloyd {this party is about to get crazy}
wedding photo booth wall cone heads
My cousins: The Cone Heads
wedding photo booth wall
Jon & DJ {we love playing dress up}
wedding photo booth wall
The Design Girls { we still rocked the best handbags evvvver }
wedding photo booth wall photo props
The Cha Cha girls {Mazel Tov Ya'll}
wedding photo booth wall
                                        Dad & Sean                                      Ricky & Amy {omg it's the photo bomber again!}

The next morning we continued to have fun at the picture wall
wedding photo booth wall
Newlyweds and Cups of Louisiana Coffee (Ari might be naked under that robe)
wedding photo booth wall
Dana & Moi avec Mustaches (the coffee is working)
wedding photo booth wall
Melanie, Ari and Matty

This idea would have never come to life with out some (a lot of) help from family & friends. Thanks Dad for figuring out how make this. Thanks Blake Huval, master builder for the finishing touches. Thanks Mom for getting all of the pictures on the wall. Thanks Jessica Stelly for the props and Thanks to my cousins at Frugé's Lumber in Eunice for the decorative wood.

IF you desire more info on constructing a wall like this or want to rent this one - contact me.

Wedding: Barbie Hair

Decorated, Stunning, and Poofy

In other words, "There should be nothing plain about it."

It should not only match you, but should match the event. This is not an everyday affair, thus it does not call for everyday hair.
                                                                                                   Stylist, Sean James Decuers

This was a Kate Spade postcard that embodied much of what I wanted for our wedding: a sparkly fun event with green earrings and sleek poofy hair.
and the real thing: Sparkles, Fun, Feathers and Sleek Poofy Hair!

It is now known that I'm a big fan of accessories and it was hard to control the impulse to not keep adding hair adornments to my look. When I went to my hair stylist, Sean James Decuers, for the hair trial I was a little embarrassed to pull out not 1 but 2 veils AND a feathery rhinestone embellished hair clip.  But I should have known better than to be self conscious with him. He is my stylist for a reason! He loves over the top as much, if not more than me. He reassured me wedding hair should be special, done-up, and that hair accessories can only make it better. Shockingly, he even told me that cheap hair accessories can sometimes look the best. So I didn't feel so bad about my inexpensive ebay finds.
Long Veil from SposaBella in NYC, Birdcage Veil and Feather clip from Ebay, Amy Himel of Lady Red Makeup
Wedding Planning Lesson: Getting the Hair right
Getting your look together involves many aspects and one of the equally important parts is the hair. If you don't already know exactly what you want, start the way all great designers start: look at pictures for inspiration. You will know it's right when an image stops you. You can pic the parts you like and leave the rest behind. It will be much easier to translate your desires to your stylist through pictures than your most likely very poor hair style vocabulary.  Even with all of my pictures it took a few rounds of me saying "nah - higher here, sleeker here" and then he got it.

He said, "Ohhhh, You want Barbie Hair." I exclaimed, "Yes!!!"

 Here is Sean (the most amazing hair stylist ever!!!) putting the finishing touches on. He made sure my veil was at the perfect length and that everything else was perfect too. He has amazing taste himself but knows how to read your taste, as well. Thus, he is able to give you what is not only fashionable for the moment, but also comfortable for your flair boundaries. 
The Process

These were the looks that stopped me and made me say "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh"
I cut them out and pasted them to my wedding planning journal for easy reference.

The Final Outcome - Perfectly Stunning and Poofy Barbie Hair

Wind Blowing at just the right time

Told Dad a joke that he doesn't quite get

The back view.... of the hair do

The Hair on Stage

The feathers are so perfect for dancing. Even if you are not graceful they add lightness to your steps.

Our first dance to "Be My Baby"

Wedding: Mood Boards


Being a designer, I approached planning our wedding very methodically.  I treated it much in the same way I would when I begin to work on a new collection.

Some would probably say my process is a bit over-the-top, but when you are going to throw this kind of party and spend this kind of money, you should be meticulous.  (it is fun too!!!)

After looking at a ton of bridal magazines, wedding blogs and Pinterest boards, I started to narrow down the ideas. Choosing Color & Theme come first - sometimes one will help dictate the other. Then, all the Details follow.

From hundreds of images, I made a Mood Board that could be shared with my vendors AND keep ME on track too.  It's important to be concise when it comes to the Mood Board as too many images can become confusing for everyone trying to stay on the same page for this event.

wedding mood board old hollywood
Our Wedding Mood Board: Hollywood Glamour, Sparkle, Art Deco, Jade, Fun & Warmth

After going through our photographs and putting together a collage of the real-deal party that was inspired by these images and ideas, I must say, it was a success.  Of course, it's important to remember that having fun and getting married to the love of your life are more important than the decor... but c'mon, we want the whole package.

wedding mood boards, art deco in the country side
The Mood was Perfect: Glamorously Cajun, Spiritual,  Loving and so Much Fun

Thanks to all the Vendors that made this Perfect Day Possible:
Location: Le Village
Coordinator, Florist and Catering: Myrna Miller of Walnut Street Spirit
Bamboo Candle Holders and Aisle Markers: Dad
Wedding Programs: Jessica Stelly
Tent and Checkered Floor: Harry Smith's Rentals
Photographer: Sam Gregory
Everything Else: Mom

Fashion Note: Wedding Joohls

Finding the perfect Jade Earrings was not easy, until I found Siman Tu. 

Here I found
 Enchanting, Opulent and Luxurious 
- everything a bride wants to be (well, this bride)

Sean, my stylist and amazing friend, making the final touch. The jade is gleaming even through the veil.


My friend and jewelry designer, Kristine Moore lent me her personal necklace from her namesake jewelry line. It was the perfect, simple elegance to enhance the whole look.

Kristine's necklace is the perfect accompaniment to bold jade earrings

The month of the wedding, my mom found this in Marie Claire. She thought it was pretty amazing that the Simon Tu Earring were right on trend with what the Hollywood elite were donning. 

Marie Claire Magazine, April 2012

Here were some worthy looks, but in the end, they didn't make the cut (sorry)

All above styles from Jennifer Miller Jewelry

Carved Jade with Pavé diamonds - Location: cannot disclose - my own little secret .....

Wedding Day Photography: Sam Gregory Photography

Wedding: Fascinators with a Personal Note


After the Royal wedding, Fascinators definitely had a world stage.


Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie at the Royal Wedding April 2011

If you're a fan of the 20's and the burlesque scene, like me, then fascinators needed no world wide coverage to make it to your main stream. Since the wedding was based on a 20's glamour theme, feathers, rhinestones, and netting were an ideal situation.

The weekend before the wedding while Ari was enjoying his bachelor party, I crafted feather fascinators for the wedding party and mothers.

There were some left over invitations, so I used them on the head pieces to make each one more personal (and it was a good use of extra paper laying around)

The End Result:

And the process:
For Ari's mom, I cut out his face from the invite. Brides all know mother's love their sons more than anything so I thought that would please her ;) It also had a cut out of the words "L'Chaim"
This fascinator was for one of the flower girls. I included the town where the wedding took place since that was her first time in my tiny town. She, like me, loves fashion so I thought she would like the pic of my sparkly bracelet. She also is boy crazy!! so I knew she would get a kick out of the collage "marry boyfriend"
The working desk. Supplies: Feathers, netting, wire, hot glue, needle and thread, Hot Tea with Milk
This I made for the other flower girl (the one that has not discovered boys yet).
Craft Projects = Hot Glue Gun
Cocktail Fabulous, that's all
Flower Girl Fascinator complete! Can't wait to see it on a real girl
Glue sticks and Gems, obviously

Ari: Balloons are Magical

Ari always makes me laugh and is a constant source of entertainment. After our wedding shower at my office Ari took all of the balloons, which made the party look magical, and tied them to his back pack. Riding his bike home these balloons made it look like they might be carrying him. 

It made me think of one of my favorite animations "Up" (which is an amazing love story, btw)

The balloons made it all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge where they somehow came loose from Ari and floated into the sky. Ari said it was timed perfectly and looked beautiful. He said he was the subject of many photographers on the way home. I'd love to one day see this on someone's Pinterest page.

Ari Note: Perfect Day

4 months ago "I thee wed".

Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. I'm a married woman now, whatever that means. But for me, I know it's delicious.

It was worth waiting for him to finally pop the question , it was worth all the months of insane planning, it was worth my mom driving me crazy with the little details (thank you mom - i love the details).

It was a perfect day and very symbolic of the life we have together:
It's always fun ( well 99% of the time), surrounded by friends and full of Love

Our friend, Ben Zonan, made this really sweet video for us
He is pretty amazing.

Ari and Jenee from Ben Zonon on Vimeo.

Sign up or come back often to see more pictures and stories from our Cajun-Jewish Wedding...Wedding fashion, Ari building stuff and more general entertainment !

Much Love,
Fun Fun 

Wedding Photos: Sam Gregory Photography


 not quite formal but more exciting than just cocktail - add some flair!!!!

Deciding what to wear to a party or event can be tricky especially when the dress code is a word other than: Formal or Casual
In an attempt to always stand out (by that I do not mean myself but just about everyone in my generation), we make up new words for attire requirements.

For our wedding I chose: COCKTAIL FABULOUS

It's outside and in the warm south, so Formal is not appropriate.

While it is outside, there are tents with chandeliers and a black & white checkered dance floor, so Casual is definitely not appropriate.

A Cocktail dress code would be appropriate, but since I love accessories, I added on the fabulous part.

Thus, Cocktail Fabulous, is not quite Formal but more fun than just plain ole Cocktail. Fabulous comes in many forms. Some just happen to be: dripping in jewels, hats, fascinators, lacy gloves, and anything that will make your martini glass look accessorized.

It should be fun.

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG - Gap Collection on Target

Ari & Jenée's Wedding Color Palette (see post)



The last time I was up this early to shop was when Missoni was at Target. Under normal circumstances, I would not be waiting outside of GAP at 8 in the morning for children's cloths. But DVF used my wedding color palette!!!! so it was the perfect place to purchase Flower Girl dresses.
The famous Shirt dress now in size 6x

SHIRT DRESSES - DVF's iconic silhouette, the shirt dress, is adorable in mini sizes

PATTERN & PRINTS - DVFs collections always use graphic patterns that keep their look modern

COLOR - DVF is no minimalist when it comes to color - the more, the brighter, the better

Gap in Times Square on Thursday Morning - Bright and Early to get the best selection

Gap Window on Broadway

Shopping Bag full of Goodies


I received the funniest email from my friend, Jessica...

I never would have described Green (or Jade) as sexy but I guess when you are Victoria's Secret you make the call on what is Sexy.

When I chose it for our wedding, it was based on the stone's powers.

Normally the color of Sexy is RED, but for now, we can pretend it's JADE. I can live with that.


Ari ate an entire bag of SweetTarts to find this one...

When Ari proposed he had many rings for me and all of my personalities (FunFun, PrettyBomb, Haddas ...) . Some he found, some he made, and one had a big rough diamond in it.  It's funny how such a little piece of jewelry changes things forever.

Some of my favorite Famous Ladies have very strong opinions about Diamonds

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.”
-Mae West 

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
-Leo Robin 
(performed by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

"I don't exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor."
-Joan Rivers

"I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back."
 -Zsa Zsa Gabor

"Big girls need big Diamonds."
-Elizabeth Taylor

 and some more tidbits about diamonds

“Kissing your hand may make you feel very good, but a diamond lasts forever.”
-Anita Loos, author of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

This book was the basis of the well known musical Gentleman Prefer Blondes in which a character declares in so many words that love is fickle, uncertain, disappointing and temporary. A diamond on the other hand lasts forever! Is this true? Diamonds certainly are great survivors-the newest diamonds discovered by scientists are thought to be 100 million years old. The oldest diamonds are billions of years old. A diamond may not be indestructible, but short of deliberate destruction, it will outlast your entire generation and an entire civilization of human technology. Now that’s a great way to say “I will love you forever!”

“A Diamond is Forever”
-NW Ayer Agency

One particular diamond producer got all the credit for this sentence that forever changed an industry, but the actual statement was delivered by an advertising agency. Before this impressive marketing campaign, diamonds were not necessary identified with romance, marriage or engagement. They were considered decorative jewelry and used for a variety of purposes. In fact, before this campaign launched, there was a big question as to whether a diamond market in America truly existed. Then came the brilliant strategy of linking diamonds to the most sacred and beloved of American institutions: the wedding ceremony. However, one’s can’t truly say that prior to the 20th century, no lover had ever thought of diamonds as a romantic gift–in fact, one of the most famous diamond gifts in history was a diamond necklace given by Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Louise.

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