Remembering Veterans Day
Fashion Cliff Notes | Outfit Ideas
military uniform, fashion blogger, vintage army coat, gold buttons

Veterans day was always a really fun day for me as a child. While it is a very serious day of remembrance, it meant a day off of school with my grandfather at a fair with a parade. My grandfather served in the United States Army during WWII. He was plucked out of Cajun Country Louisiana on his birthday and sent to the South Pacific to serve in the military. For years my sister and I spent this holiday with him, and he shared this part of his history with us in a jovial way. 

In remembrance of this day and of my grandfather, I fashioned an outfit with his old Army jacket. It's so warm and fits so snugly. He was so petite (tiny)!!! as most Cajun are.

For this Outfit Idea I paired it with burgundy corduroy pants and ballerina flats. Under the jacket is a thin ivory top and bright red vest.

It keeps me warm and makes me very proud.

Happy Veterans Day (this Monday, November 11th)
military uniform, fashion blogger, vintage army coat, gold buttons, army green
military uniform, fashion blogger, vintage army coat, gold buttons, army green
military uniform, fashion blogger, vintage army coat, gold buttons, army green

Charlie Bird Has Style


Charlie Parker - Put a Bird on It
Vintage Blazers over pretty printed Dresses
One of the most talked about restaurant openings in New York this week was that of Charlie Bird. While I normally do not keep restaurant openings on my radar (unless it's a new Cajun restaurant in New York), this one was on my mind because I got to play a small part in styling it.  To my delight, the general manager and a good friend of mine, asked me to revamp her wardrobe for this new job. This place was going to be fresh & hip, and she wanted to make sure her personal appearance spoke the same language.

The styling project began by thinking of Charlie Parker, of course. At first I imagined Black & White which no doubt is because many images of early jazz were only in Black & White photography giving it an air of sophistication. Then when I thought of my favorite Charlie Parker Album, "South of the Border", it's incredibly vibrant music. Honestly, Jazz is much more psychedelic than many may realize. Thus, the image of the look took Sophisticated Black & White and added Bold Colors and Patterns that inject the look like a high note.  

Much of the color was inspired by the album covers themselves.

Charlie Parker - Stripey Bass
Yellow, Pink and Black with stripes and a Statement Necklace

Charlie Parker - Paint Me Up
Painterly Long Skirt with a T-shirt and Gold Boots / Stripes and Tuxedo pants

Charlie Parker - Ms. Meow

Form fitting in Animal with a Gold Heel Ballerina Flat

Charlie Parker - Pretty Birdie

Pearls atop Black & White with a flower garden growing at your feet

Charlie Parker - Big Bang Band
Tuxedo jacket with a dash of Jade and Blush tassels on the fee

Charlie Parker - Frills & Thrills
A little Flamenco inspired with touches of tribal patterns and beads, grounded by denim

Come back Next Week to see how the GM is pulling off her new look or just make a reservation at Charlie Bird and see for yourself!

DenIM is IN

Denim on the Bottom is always in style but Denim on the top is a different story. It comes and goes and sometimes can really date you. This season - IT'S BACK.  Let's embrace it.

As this sturdy blue fabric is a versatile ingredient in any wardrobe, there are many ways one can bring back denim and chambray shirts. Since I'm calling on the 90's lately, I like the layered look with my button down, un-buttoned. Then I add an antique onyx and marcasite necklace for an unexpected accessory.

This Rose Hips Jean shirt was a really lucky find that I've had forever. It was already vintage when I bought it and now it's going for round...? It's really sturdy and has sweet leather braided details on the pockets with silver buttons.

How will you Rock Denim on the top this season???

Outfit Ideas: Lurex Wonder

The rule, "if you have not worn it in 2 years then you will never wear it again. Throw it out." absolutely does not apply to me.

It is probably why my closet is bursting at the seams, but I am fashion collector. Though, I pass on this advice to my readers who are doing some closet spring cleaning: if you still like it, it's in good condition, it's not age specific, but are just tired of it - store it in the back of your closet for a year or two and you will be surprised how quickly fashion is recycled these days.

This is a dress I bought in NY when I was 18 years old (that was over a decade ago). It's a gauzy number from one of those West Village Head Shops. It's a summer dress as it is thin and sleeveless, but, with a long sleeved shirt and tights, I made it cold weather appropriate.

What's Old is New Again.
Dress (old find in my closet) \\ Gold Top J.Crew // Red Tights Ebay \\ Dolce Vita Boots //
cobblestone street

Outfit Ideas: For Baby Bumps

maternity clothes

Showing off your best asset (the bump) when you are expecting, can be a challenge for many reasons. Hence, even though I do not have personal experience in this area, today's post is for all of the questions I have received wondering how to still look put together when one's body morphs into a new silhouette.

I consulted a few ladies who have been through the process and did some on the ground research with my friend Ali, who is expecting, at one of her favorite hip Maternity Boutiques in Brooklyn, Bump.

maternity clothes
Wow!! A Maternity Romper - Now that is Stylish. This is from the brand Fragile
maternity clothes
maternity clothes
baby bumpThis was our favorite dress. A witty stork print & fun summer look from Maternal America. It's fitting for a casual work day and nice for weekend get-togethers.We also realized color blocking & belts are key to showing off your lovely new shape and avoid looking HUGE.

Here is the (skinny) on what to purchase during these precious months and how to wear it.

Go Inexpensive: These pieces are not classic pieces that will stick around in your wardrobe for long, so the bulk of this new look should not cost so much. Unless you have tons of money to throw around (and if you do, you really should not spend it all on yourself).
These retailers we all know have cute inexpensive maternity lines: Target by Liz Lange, the Gap & Old Navy

Stretch your budget & you pants: with Bellaband (from bump) It will turn your fav jeans and pants into maternity jeans.
Items that make you feel special: While the basics are great, from above mentioned stores, now and then you will need a finer item for a special occasion or just to have fun shopping at a boutique again! Bump carries all of the chic labels in Maternity wear: Ripe Limited, Maternity America, Fragile & Michael Stars, just to name a few.  The pictures really say the rest.chew beads necklace
The Statement Necklace: The outfits do not need to be overly complicated. Words of wisdom from Ali:  Pants, A tank, A cardigan and.... A Statement Necklace.  Now this is where you can spend you money too since it will last longer than a pregnancy. It also is a great focal point. Remember that - FOCAL POINTS.
chew beads necklace baby
These are called Chew Beads - They are "mommy chic & baby Safe. Available at Bump

maternity dress
 Ali:   "Hey Jenée, this is so your style. Too bad it's a Maternity dress"

Jenée:  "Oh hold on - there is a strap-on Baby Bump in the dressing room. Now I can finally have some fun on this shopping excursion!!!!

great gatsby dress
I love this 20's inspired Great Gatsby Dress

pregnant clothes
Somehow I imagine this is what pregnancy is going to be like..... when that time comes.
For my expecting readers, I hope this gives you some outfit inspiration.

Any Advice?  What did/do do you love to wear when expecting? Leave a comment to share with everyone - secrets revealed.

Outfit Ideas: Yankee Doodle Dandee

washington dc outfit CAPITAL STYLE = RED WHITE  & BLUE, What else would it be?

When you have only one weekend in a place and one small bag, choose a color theme or clothes that are easily mixed & matched. To celebrate our first wedding anniversary we decided to spend this spring weekend in Washington DC.

My weekend wardrobe selection criteria was:
  • comfortable for all of the walking & biking to touristy spots
  • needed to fit in a small weekend travel bag
  • cool for dinner & drinks 
  • & cute enough to blog about it.
DAY ONE - Travel, Brunch, Bike Tour & Museums
washington DC, outfit ideas, red white & blue, jenee naquin
washington DC, outfit ideas, red white & blue, jenee naquin
Printed Pants are comfortable, trendy and great for hiding legs that are still to white to bare.
Blue Pants and Light Pink top are from Zara. The Canary yellow sweater and brown leather shoulder bag are vintage finds that will probably be part of my wardrobe forever. The low wedges are Dolce Vita (last year - I need new ones in exactly the same style because they are PERFECT)  This Fire Red Beaded necklace feels very Spring in a hand crafted kind of way and adds the perfect dose of color.washington DC, outfit ideas, red white & blue, jenee naquin
jenee bike outfit

romantic night time outfit
NIGHT - Dinner at Exotic Restaurant, Romantic bike along the Mall under a Full Moon
night time outfit
neck scarf
Ensemble for Evening includes
All-in-one Black Jumpsuit. Dolce Vita Low wedges. Vintage Brooks Brothers RW&B Silk Scarf purchased at Housing Works

The bare shoulders say Sexy Night time outfit but the loose cotton and low heels are comfortable enough for that night time bike ride to see all of the monuments lit up in the dark. 

ari tiger face
(-show me your tiger face-)             (-this is my tiger face-)
jenee tiger face
and this is how you turn a Key Accessory (THE SILK SCARF) from Neck wear to Waist Wear
silk scarf belt
DAY TWO - Bike to Museums, Late Lunch in Georgetown, & Drive home
pie to go in my bag
red jacket
Spring Days can still be chilly in D.C. so this really cute Pin Dot Strawberry colored jacket keeps me warm and Red, White & Blue themed.
Jacket is a hand me down from my friend, Petra ( I love when Petra cleans out her closet ;)
Ivory Silk top Tory Burch    Vintage Brooks Brothers silk scarf as Belt
G-Star Jeans (FYI - G Star jeans are so worth the splurge - they make your derriere perfection - true story)
Washington DC is one of my new favorite American Cities. Let me know if you need any ideas on what to to or what to wear while you are there.

New Orleans Jazz Fest Essentials

Often I wish I were in Louisiana, especially on Sunday and especially during Festival Season. When I was 16 my dad brought me to my first Jazz Fest and I was hooked on the festival way of life. Quickly I learned the essentials: how to stake your spot at the best stage, how to make friends by bringing bubbles and how to always look "cool" in a very warm place like New Orleans.

Sun Protection is a must unless it's a rainy Louisiana day
this can be accomplished with a hat, shades and sunscreen

Your favorite tank top and a flowy skirt. 
I DO NOT recommend shorts. 
Skirts are so much more flattering than shorts when you are dancing.

Comfortable, Open Shoes and a Lightweight Bag to carry your water, music schedule, phone.....

Quirky Jewelry. It's New Orleans so you need something Strange on.

Click on Above images for shopping!

Styling: Teeny Bopper Birthday Party

birthday party outfit birthday outfit with balloons colorful birthday outfit

Birthday parties should never be a somber occasion - hence all the bright colors in this outfit. Remember my post from my last birthday?  Last weekend I went to my 9 year old friend's ice skating birthday party. Really, I'm a friend of her parents, but because we have so much in common, she has adopted me as her very own friend - not just a family friend. It's sweet, and she keeps me up to date with slang and new texting acronyms.

This outfit came out looking very Kate Spade. It was not the intention but it did not bother me. I love the Kate Spade image = Happy, Witty and Fun.

While nothing on me is from Kate, this is quite the High End/ Low End Look. This outfit has pieces from Saks 5th Ave to Forever 21.  Though, the best accessory when going to a birthday party is a Bouquet of Balloons. Remember this! It is sure to enhance your entrance at the party.

and now the bits & pieces:
Orange Top - Zara
Embroidered Necklace with Rhinestones - Calypso by Ambre Babzoe
Black Gucci Belt - Saks 5th Ave
Pink Pleated Skirt - Forever 21
Magenta Tights - H&M
Pink Suede Shoes with Gold Glitter heel - TopShop (but MuiMui inspired)
Bouquet of Balloons - Party supply store or Florist

Styling: Flowers on Cold Spring Days

In "the industry" (fashion that is) we call the early part of the year Transition. It's somewhere between Winter and Spring. It's a difficult time of year to dress stylishly because your mind is ready for spring but your body still needs protection from the cold. March is just the worst as winter seems to linger on even tho the Calender has officially proclaimed Spring has arrived.

Here's an Idea for this tricky time of year.

.....a look light in color and pattern for my spring state of mind
but with full coverage  for my Louisiana cold nature.

Floral Blouse is from Pilgrim in the East Village, NYC
Ivory Trousers are from J.Crew
Brown VNeck Sweater from Banana Republic
Taupe Wedge Boots from Dolce Vita
Metallic Jenna Handbag from Beirn

Pictures taken by my Dad :)