C'est Fou Wears Red Pants


Flair, Confidence & Party

Joe Fresh Red Pants

When you wear Red Pants, you have Flair. You might get some attention so Confidence is key to pulling off a look like this. C'est Fou (Ari) has is all: Flair and Confidence. When he is wearing these, you know there is going to be a Party.

This week the Party was at Madison Square Park in NYC with the Deedle Deedle Dees, America's Ultimate Teaching Band. When the gates opened up, hundreds of strollers descended!!!

Below Ari is singing one of my favorite songs, "Marie Curie' which is partially in French. Note the plug he gives to Jenée Sais Quoi  :)

Joe Fresh Red Pants
The best Accessory for Red Pants.... An Electric Guitar

Joe Fresh Red Pants
The best Rock Concerts have Bubbles

They are both wearing ties.......... Syke!         The one on the left is PRINTED!!!

Summer Lovin - What to Love

The end of this week will be the Summer Solstice.  It does sorta make me want to worship the sun at this time of year (ok not in super hot Louisiana), but here in the North East, summer is divine. A new season brings new stylish trends and new hair up-dos, but it also brings new adventures. Though, the extra long days are reason enough to celebrate because it allows more time for all things to love about summer.... like.....

biking, queens, graffiti
Urban bike rides with friends in the city is one of the best summer activities. It's social, it's healthy and if you like biking, it's fun. In the city, it's quite an adventure. I love finally getting to bike with out bundling up in cold weather gear. (bike outfit ideas here)  This summer New Yorkers have a bike share program - it's one of the best ideas I've come across. It's also in London and Washington DC
It's also possible to find yourself biking next to Bill Cunningham


Picking fruit from trees and vines in summer time is a clear memory. Eating freshly picked fruit or making pies from fresh berries are part of life's most wonderful simple pleasures. Eat more fresh fruit! and be inspired

At this time of year, even the guys show more skin... The change of season brings out new styles and ideas even vogue could not predict.

glamour sunglasses, vintage bathing suit, head scarf
Beach days  - need i say more?!?!
OK, fine: Coconut cocktails, trashy books, Vintage bathing suits, Jumping in waves, Watermelon... Sun Tan!!!!

If there is a sound of summer, it's reggae. Break out your Bob Marley and chill out. 
These guys were rockin at the Jimmy Cliff, Celebrate Brooklyn Concert last summer.
Currently, this song makes us dance all over the house

Sailing Style
The beach is getting pretty close to one of natures most powerful forces - but steering a vessel in it puts life into perspective! Sailing is also another great excuse to play dress up. Wondering what to wear on a sailing excursion this summer? Ideas that are practical for the sport but SO STYLISH. Here and Here and Here

Train Trip, Summer Vacation
Getting there is half the fun, right? Well, I suppose it depends. But leaving New York via Grand Central Station is very exciting. The station is beautiful, everyone is excitedly rushing off to somewhere, and it's really sweet to meet you love at the clock in the center as you embark on another adventure. Here I was going for a hippie look as we headed up to Woodstock. 

What do you love most about summer???

C'est Fou: Ari on Mandolin

My favorite mornings are spent propped up in bed surrounded by my computer, ipad, phone and cup of tea. The only reason Ari is not in the equation is because he has too much energy to sit in bed all morning (even if it is being productive reading news sites on your ipad ;)

This morning he played some back ground music while I worked and I thought I would share a piece that he wrote. It's really lovely.

Next Big Sound: Michael Kiwanuka

Last night at Webster Hall, Ari, myself and some friends were treated to the beautiful sounds of Michael Kiwanuka and his band. For a moment I felt like we were in the 60s and I loved it. This may have been induced my the cool afros on Michael and the lead guitarists. The lead guitarist also wore an amazing feather necklace.
Music is best appreciated when you are free to move to it. Kiwanuka induces dancing, swaying and love.

Fashion Note: Summer Sales

Fleeting Summer Sunshine and End of Season Sales

Sunday evening I was sadly made aware of summer's eminent end as Ari and I got caught riding home on our bikes at 8:15 with no lights. That usual extra 15 minutes of daylight we began to count on starred to slip away earlier than expected. Since so much of summer is spent outside this transition is physically felt.

For a moment it made me sad that this fun season of Sailing, Surfing and Reggae is coming to an end. Then I thought ahead to September and got really excited that Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week are just around the corner!

But before jumping ahead of myself lets enjoy the last vestiges of the season with end of Summer Sales !!!!!!

...and for you listening pleasure: Hippie Chick by Soho

Verve on Bleeker has the best end of season sales. This is probably because they have some of the best handbags and shoes to start with. Just in time for one more month of warm weather and exposed toes, I found these:

I describe them as HIPPIE CHICK:

  • Natural colored suede will always be a little HIPPIE. If fringes are attached then it would be a lot a hippie.
  • But with a stacked heel and perfectly placed cut outs, this suede is chic.
Oh and I have to call out the Velcro closure.
 Love it! 
It makes them functional,  and fun. 
If u grew up in the 80 s you probably have a big affection for Velcro, like me.
In the case of these shoes it, the hidden Velcro, retains the clean lines without an unnecessary buckle.

Thank you Verve for a last bit of fun summer shopping.

Fashion Note: Exotic Escape (at home)

After the Honey Moon we needed a little refresher at home. New Life = New Decor

Moving was not in the plan, so a little furniture re-arranging and new accessories turned our home into what we now call: HOTEL ABOOBOO

The house now feels like a suite in some exotic Middle Eastern Paradise - hence the name. 

The Den: White furniture and lots of Green Plants. Black & White Pillow from H&M London Home Store. Natural Sisal Rug - These all give a fresh, cool, decadent vibe white the plants feel exotic. (yes, white is decadent because it's very risky to keep up!)

New Bowls from our Registry needs new Shelves. Thank god Ari is handy and can build just about anything I imagine. Since I was not wild about a curtain in the Kitchen these shelves serve as the perfect amount of privacy.
The Kitchen Look: a bit ore French than Exotic Middle East, but that's OK :)
Lounge Corner in Bed Room: The guitars are used to lull me to sleep and sometimes they are Used to drive me Crazy. Stumper Fielding Pillow shell from Portabello Road in London. Modern art on wall - My Own. Dresser - Ari's design.
Ari Playing Sweet Music in the Music Corner
New Marrakesh Style Curtains from Anthropology really make it feel like we wake up and go to sleep at Hotel Abooboo everyday. Missoni for Target blanket adds yet another exotic pattern.
Mix Match French Corner: I feel when odd objects are grouped together in a tasteful way it is very French. Some of the best French home I have been in are an eclectic mix of flea market nic nacs and boutique finds.
French Corner up Close: A photo of Ari and I the day after our engagement in Belgium. A milk glass vase from an antique store on Long Island. A bronze Sailboat sculpted by Ari's dad.



When it comes to my genetics, I've always thought I am a pretty even mix of both parents. I'd like to think I got the best versions of both. For instance, I attribute much of my fashion sense to my Dad of all parents. From my dad, I definitely get my sense of adventure when it comes to stepping out and trying new looks. But my dad's sense of fashion adventure could definitely land him on Fashion Police weekly. So it's my mom's refined taste that makes my adventurous choices fashionista worthy.  Thanks Mom and Dad for everything and Happy Father's Day, Dadoo.

Last night Ari and I finally discovered iMovie. Since we cannot be in Colorado and Louisiana this weekend. we did the next best thing: made a Father's Day Video Card.

Chris and Fab the day after our wedding

FASHION NOTE: Deedle Deedle Dee's Fan Style

Fans rock out, bounce up and down, and sing along - all in their own very personal style

Designer, Bohemian, Rock & Roller

Another great thing about Summer are out door concerts. Last week we went to a Reggae concert where I documented the colorful, relaxed style of the Reggae music goer.

Today I went to a concert that started at 10:30 in the morning - A Children's Concert.
Ari's band, the Deedle Deedle Dee's performed at Madison Square Park and they have some of the most stylish fans by far. As much as I love listening to Ari play, I love watching his fans even more. The children dance uninhibited and rock some of the best styles the city has to offer.

The style ranges from Designer (see the Burberry shorts and DVF dress for Gap)
to Bohemian (see Yogi, back packs, and florals)
to Punk Rock & Roller (see Ramones boy)

Rock & Roller in Training - This guy has the ultimate concert accessory - His own guitar
Ari Singing Marie Curie from the Dee's last Album
Spotted a DVF for Gap dress!!! 
Kiddie Designer Wear
See earlier post from Flower Girls at wedding

This guy came equipped 
with his own child proof lighter - 
on an iPhone, of course
THE ROCK LIGHTER - from the app store

Front man, Lloyd Miller singing tunes while his audience rocks out
(Ari right behind him)

The Deedle Deedle Dees playing Madison Square Park

Below Ari is befriended by a Toddler Yogi. 
She must have a sense of how much he likes yoga too. 
I'm guessing her favorite Dee's song is Ah Ahimsa

REGGAE STYLE: Vivid Colors, Big Hair, & Smiles


Last Monday we Celebrated Brooklyn (and Summer) in Prospect Park with a concert performed by Jimmy Cliff and the Jimmy Cliff Band.
Jimmy Cliff

After just posting that Reggae is the sound of summer, it was an ideal opportunity to put the style to the sound.
It was great amusement being surrounded by fun loving, happy rastas and happy people in general.

Reggae style: 

Vivid Colors - Rasta colors are Green, Red and Gold which were prevalent but any bold, vivid colors will do. Think "happy"

Lot's of Hair - Everyone knows Bob Marley's dread locks so this is no surprise. Tucked into a big knitted top hot keeps it tame and adds a chance for color. When dread locks are not possible, long hair flowing or braided keeps the same vibe.

Smiles - Reggae's message is positive and loving. So the style is not complete with out smiles.

                                                "The Harder They Come" Jimmy Cliff











Officially summer starts on June 21st, but Memorial Day really kicks off the Season. It's truly a turning point that makes the new season realized with lots of BBQ parties and a day off from work.
If you're from Louisiana or on the same latitude, summer started a long time ago...

This weekend I was reminded of all the wonderful things to look forward to in Summer: more sunshine, more time outside, more water sports, more reggae and more hanging out with friends.

Ari and I had an early introduction to summer since we were in Costa Rica last month. We got a head start on our tans and Ari tried surfing for the first time.  The surf school consisted of these 3 cool guys that hung out on the beach everyday waiting for someone wanting lessons. My very athletic Ari was somewhat overcome with a sport popular with "beach bums". 
He learned that the key to surfing is not so much muscle as it is being relaxed. This is a perfect creed for Summer
Ari Practicing his surfing moves

Ari and his instructors - Very cool, Very Relaxed

Instructor showing Ari the basics

Me on the side lines imitating
Ari finally catching a wave!!!!

I don't surf, but I do believe in trying to look like you know what doing even when you don't

 This is where the Reggae comes in.

Upon returning to New York we watched "Marley" at the Sunshine Theater. It was such a perfect reminder of what makes summer an ideal season. When I first discovered Reggae as a teenager, my boyfriend that summer insisted we drive around with the windows
down and the Legend CD playing loudly. 
Reggae is the sound of summer.

Then to kick off Memorial Day weekend, I went for a sail on the Hudson with my friend Wendy. The water and the wind were perfect. We watched the sunset as we steered the J24 around the river and were reminded how the elements guide us, not the other way around.
Wendy and me sailing on the Hudson in front of the Statue of Liberty

Until it gets too hot, I am in love with summer and all that it has to offer...

In a world with so many great creations where it feels like it’s impossible to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes the combining of two existing but opposing ideas makes for the freshest notion.
In this weeks Ultimate Montage, I captured a spontaneous moment in the Green Room at New Design High School. In between shows the music director, Ari, plays a tune the students have never heard: a bluegrass song called “Wagon Wheel”. After the beat was established, the kids broke into dance: the latest New York City street dancing.
  • Rootz & Roots
  • Gettin Light on HeeHaw Honky Tonk
  • Kanye Twitty


Cool, Sexy, Unique
Few Men are known for pushing fashion boundaries which is why I feature the male gender first in a series of “Today’s Fashion Icon”
No one can argue that Michael Jackson did not hone a personal style and influence the style of a generation: the QUALIFICATIONS for being a FASHION ICON
Key duds include:
  • lots of hardware like studs, buckles and zippers
  • futuristic flare
  • sparkles (especially on a single white glove)
  • military jackets (again, with added sparkles)
Photos:Draskou Vernor, Paul Howard, Capt Eo, Juliana Maus, Draskou Vernor, Draskou Vernor