My Mom, The Great

mother of the bride collage A long time ago, in the 70s, my mom and dad started our family. The memories my mom has made through our lives are ALWAYS fun ones. She has one of the best laughs I have ever heard and always turned the music up loud. Sundays were for dancing around the house to her disco records and she never went to a party with our her deck of 45s (those are little Records).

She was instrumental to making sure our wedding was all we hoped it would be by stressing every little detail, so I'm so happy to have pictures of her having fun (see below). Her dress is the best Mother-of-the-Bride dress I have ever laid eyes on. I'll never forget when she texted a picture of it to me to get my approval. I love that she is still so hot! and refuses to get old & boring.

At the same time that we were having all of this fun, she was very clear to my sister & I that we would go to college and grow up to be professionals and "Never depend on any man!" She was a product of the 60s women's rights movement and made sure her daughters would share in everything the world had to offer. She is the perfect mix of a progressive woman with all the Southern charm and manners to take the edge off.

I am very lucky to have learned how to approach life from some one like this. Happy Mother's Day.