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Being a House Guests comes with some Responsibilities, well if you ever want to be invited back. Summer is a time for long weekends away. Sometimes "away" means going to stay at a friend's beach or country house. Mind your manners and maintain your "jenée" sais quoi with a few simple impressions.

1. GIFTS - It is best to not show up empty handed. A small gesture goes a long way. Something for the home is most appropriate: flowers, a bottle for the bar,a scented candle or something you've baked. Though, if you do not know the taste of your host so well, it's ok to send a gift right after your departure once you have a better sense of what they might like. Also, you can pick something up during the weekend while shopping that you find suitable and present it on your last day.
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One of my favorite gifts in the summer which is always fun and unique is a bottle of Lillet (Rosé if you can find it!) Gifting wine can be tricky but Lillet is a perfect summer aperitif enjoyed by anyone with the slightest sense of adventure or culture. Sometimes I order mine from Aster Wine. 
Lillet Rosé Cocktails

2. THANK YOU NOTES - Always always always send a handwritten Thank you note no less than 2 days after leaving your host. Done.
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There are many great stationary option on Etsy, like this one

3. MAKE YOUR BED - What ever you do, don't be a slob. The simple gesture of making your bed each morning goes a long. If you don't get what I mean, Leave a comment. We can discuss :)

It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least a very good attempt - I love this one.