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STYLE FEATURE: Kristine Moore
Impeccable Host and a Jewelry Designer: 

Well-Mannered, Well-Traveled & Well-Dressed

Kristine is the kind of person who throws a BBQ party with silver flatware and gold rimmed cocktail glasses. Years ago I got to know her through a job, but I got to really know her at the garden parties she threw during the summer. Her home is undoubtedly one put together with the fine eye of a designer and a patron of peculiar art. She is always dressed like a lady and never breaks a sweat as she serves a multi course meal.

Obviously for all of the reasons above, she had to be featured on Jenée Sais Quoi. She invited us to her home so that I could take photos of her apartment and discuss outfit ideas for summer soirées over local snacks from her neighborhood. She also prepared a very strong Negroni for us upon which the conversation lingered about her travels and favorite summer menu concepts. See below for more of this interview.
Mid Century Couch with Graphic Pillows from Marimekko and Gilt

Always a gracious host, Kristine set out Italian 3 Layer Cake from her Bakery in Cobble hill and Fresh Cherries
KM: This is the kind of dress I would throw on for one of my Garden Parties
Dress by Yumi Kim and Necklace from Calypso
The Entryway has a coat rack and some of her own DIY wall design made of Gold paint and Hot Pink Tape

The Painting is an Op Art piece from 1977 purchased at a Consignment shop in Westport, Connecticut

JSQ: Where do you live? Where do you wish you lived?

KM: I live in Cobble Hill but dream of living near a waterfall or the sea.

JSQ: What is your first fashionable memory?

KM: My mom used to hand paint animals on my kindergarden dresses, which must mean I got my creativity from her. This led to my fashion obsession with Teen magazine as a 10yr. old.   I was always intrigued by art and it’s history, thats what I studied in college.  Jewerly happened by accident.

JSQ: Je ne Sais Quoi is about having “that certain something special” - Would you reveal to us what gives YOU that je ne sais quoi???

KM: DRESSES. My most comfortable outfit is a dress, even when hiking or sleeping, and heels whenever physically possible.  It’s only because I’m too lazy to put an outfit together and too short to not wear heels.

Some outfit ideas for Summer Cocktail Parties (from left to right)
  Helmut Lang dress with Alexis Bittar necklace
Kelly Wearstler dress with Iosselliani necklace
Massimo Dutti dress with a vintage necklace from Paris

JSQ:Who are some of your favorite jewelry designers and why?

KM: Hands down favorite jewelry designs are by Iosselliani.  They are a couple out of Rome.  They are always most original and inspiring.  It’s dangerous because they just opened a boutique near the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. It’s a little too close for to me to resist collecting more of their work.

JSQ:Can you share a tip to aspiring jewelry designers??

KM: Be a real artist.  Study drawing and art history.  It forms your originality and voice.  The fashion world is just a venue to show it.  Stay true to yourself and don’t work in the corporate world if you can help it! Oh, and travel!!!!!!!

JSQ:You are known for packing incredibly light which is not a common attribute of a fashionista like yourself. How do you do that? What are your essentials?

KM: I count the days and only let myself take my favorite dresses for the occasions, then add a couple extra.  I def re-wear too. One pair of fab heels you wear on the plane and if you can squeeze in another you are golden.  Flat sandals for sure and maybe a flip flop.  I traveled 3 cities in Italy for 10 days with a carry on and was fine.

JSQ:Do you have any shopping secrets you can share with us to get designer duds on sale?

KM: I’m a big fan of Gilt and sample sales.

JSQ:Your home is full of so many great books with art. You even introduced me to Kiki Smith some years ago. Do you have a few favorite artists and why?

KM: I have so many favorite artists- I think the whole of the modern art movement actually.  Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, Robert Motherwell, Richard Diebenkorn,  Cy Twombly...more recent,  Fred Tomaselli. Then, there is Gustav Klimt.  I think I like artists for their line, color and abstraction.

JSQ:Kristine, you are known for throwing amazing dinner parties and BBQ parties - could you share with us an ideal menu for an outdoor summer party to get us through the rest of summer 2013

KM: This year I’m really into grilled peaches and grilled fish.
Grilled peaches go with everything from fish to pork.  I’ve been putting them in salads too. Tonight I made them with seared scallops with thyme.  Grilling a white fish on top of a bed of scallions is amazing. Let the scallions get a bit scorched and serve together.  I love to serve a watermelon salad of arugua, feta cheese and a bit of fresh mint or basil with a citrus vinagrette.   For a party I will always make a punch maybe with aperol and grapefruit juice. For desert there is alway a pie.
Thanks Kristine for sharing some of your secrets and your beautiful home. To check our more of Kristine's jewelry design visit kristinemoore.com
Jenée Sais Quoi

A hot pink doodle by Kristine

Phillip Lim Handbag

KM: This is an outfit I would put together for a summer gallery show in Chelsea

Necklace by  Iosselliani and Dress by Helmut Lang

Party Over

French Chic Décor ala Suzy

french living room

On a recent visit upstate (New York), we stayed with our friends Suzy and Roman. For obvious reasons their alluring home is a feature this week on Jenée Sais Quoi. It's so French Chic with it's eclectic use of bold colors and rare objects. This is certainly a skill the French are gifted with which is why à la mode translates to fashionable. Oh, did I mention Suzy and Roman are French??? 

Continue on to see French taste at it's finest.
green velvet couch

painting of beach

throw pillows

ricard poster

A Gumbo of Southern & Posh

Söpö: A boutique that manages to capture the zany side of the city's character while remaining poised and refined
Sopo New Orleans, Dressing Room
SÖPÖ = Southern Posh
Smart, Zany, & Inviting
Sopo Nola Sinage

Sopo Boutique New Olreans

As I stepped into Söpö, there was so much to look at, and I wanted to look at it all. This is the kind of boutique that beckons your attention and your gift giving spirit. There are so many items you want for yourself and if not for yourself, then you know someone you would want to give it to.

The item that got me into the store was a very unique accessory that they carry by artist: Ellen Macomber. It's a screen printed silk scarf with a New Orleans road map.  It's the perfect mix of kitsch and class and a truly tasteful souvenir from NOLA.

Taken by surprise, SÖPÖ has great gifts for the boys too. For instance, they carry a very dapper selection of bow ties and pocket squares for the true Southern Gentleman. Oh, and this iconic New Orleans Map print can also be found on a bow tie, pocket square and neck tie as well.
bow ties

pocket squares
Pocket Squares by Fox & Brie
neck ties

pocket squares
Pocket Squares with NOLA map

Anyone that has visited the city of New Orleans knows that it's slightly off-kilter (and that is what makes it wonderful). The appreciation for the unconventional is alive and well at SÖPÖ where porcelain crawfish and alligators at the bottom of a coffee cup show the easy going, joking manner of this city's inhabitants.
porcelain coffee cups

art akimbo mustache stand
Sunglasses and a place to rest them

art akimbo mustache stand

Sopo New Orleans Boutique, dolls
Cake Toppers
ginger coloring book
Coloring Book
baby clothes
For Babies!

ellen macomber art
Glass Art by Ellen Macomber
pop art, elephant head
Pop Safari Art

ellen macomber art
Class art by Ellen Macomber

serving tray

Sopo New Orleans Boutique
Once you get past all of the housewares, stationary, handbags, jewelry, baby clothes & toys, and everything else on the 1st floor that you were not aware you had to have, the 2nd floor is like your dream walk-in closet.  The women that own & operate Söpö, Robin & Britta, truly know what they are doing when selecting the apparel for SOPO.  There is attire you not only want to celebrate in, but really live in. It would be hard to not walk away with at least one new piece for your wardrobe since everything in here is so inviting.
dressing room
The Dressing Room
dressing room

rope necklace
rope necklace
black and white necklace
cowgirl boots
porter lyons earrings
Porter Lyons Mineral Earrings

These earrings need no story to enhance their desirability but I was even more hooked when I learned designer, Ashley Porter, made these of a Louisiana Mineral. Cheers to the Local movement.
Hansel from Basil Bobby Socks

Umm Cute Socks... We all know how I feel about Sweet Socks and Wedge Sandals - In LOVE.
porter lyons jewelry
more Jewelry by Porter Lyons
eve gravel dress
My Favorite dress by Eve Gravel

Sopo New Orleans Boutique

This Boutique in New Orleans' Mid City Neighborhood is an instant favorite rather you are a tourist or a local. Söpö truly offers one of the finer shopping experiences in New Orleans. If you can't make it to NOLA, check out their website.

629 North Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA

Downtown Sweetie Continued

Last Week Angela, Downtown Sweetie, was Featured for her chill and quirky style. Fans loved it so much I decided to give you guys a little more. Here is what I was able to pull together. Note how well Angela wears geometric prints and bold color.

Great at Accessorizing

Loving the Dickie bag!!!!!!!!

The Lady Like trend spotted at Bryant Park
We loved the way the polka dot print and fishnet dress complimented each other

Downtown Sweetie

STYLE FEATURE: Angela of the Lower East Side and a Pastry Chef

Chill, Quirky, and Cute

Angela is one of the last cool vestiges in the Lower East Side. She keeps an apartment with he fiancé in  one of the few remaining original apartment buildings  in NYC (pre luxury in the LES). It's the real New York Style. Inside their cozy digs it is filled with instruments and vintage records and random quirky objects. He is an amazing musician and she is his biggest fan. Angela keeps the kitchen full of baking apparatuses and sweet treats as she is a very talented baker. Every morning you can find her at The Smile making breads, cookies and pies for the stylish pastry-goers in the city.  

Featured on Jenée Sais Quoi for her chill attitude and cute style, Angela invites me in to discover her quirkiest objects and sweet treats while answering a few questions.
Lower East Side, New York City, Apartment Buildings
The Lower East Side in New York City

Welcome to Angela's where Chinatown runs into the LES

Angela dotes on her newly baked goods - Yeah Banana Bread

JSQ: What do people call you? Do you have a nickname
A: Pretty much just Angela or forms of it like Angie, Ang

JSQ: What do you and Jenée Sais Quoi have in common?
A: I love fashion, drinks and fun. What more do you need in life?!!? ...maybe food

JSQ: Where do you live? Where do you wish you lived?
A: NYC lifer, but there's always a part of me that wanted to live in Northern California. 

JSQ: What is your first fashionable memory?
A: There's a picture of me at age 3. My hair is braided up and in a ponytail. I'm holding a chicken leg and wearing a Gremlins T-shirt.  I also wore lots of 2 piece outfits for some reason. 

JSQ: What is your style?
A: Uniqlo meets urban outfitters sales rack meets waking up way too early to really understand what I'm putting on. Plus a pop of color. 

JSQ: Jenée Sais Quoi is intended to Entertain its readers with Fashion and Culture through Outfit Ideas, Favorite Home decor, Exotic Cocktails, Intriguing Art and good jokes. With which category do you connect most?
A: I enjoy furniture that functions as something else. My favorite cocktail is a Pimm's Cup (it's Southern like Jenée). Delicious and refreshing. 
JSQ: Is there a quote that gets you through the day?
A: No matter where you go, there you are

HomeStyle @ Le Village

HOME DECOR FEATURE: Felicia of Le Village in Eunice, Louisiana

Country Chic, Cozy & Full of History

southern style, chandelier, toile, Audobon
Le Village is one of the most beautiful places in the Acadiana area. It is a B&B situated just on the outskirts of the town of Eunice, Louisiana. It is like a little village because there are 2 guest houses with 8 rooms total and a general store all connected by small gravel walkways surrounded by a grassy field and wooded area. All of the structures are original to the Louisiana prairie area with requisite wrap around porches for enjoying the lush flora that sprawls the grounds.

(note: this place is so gorgeous, it is where we chose to get married - more photos here)

When I was last in Louisiana, I stopped by Le Village to meet with owner and innkeeper Felicia Hebert Wiggins, since she was selected to be featured on Jenée Sais Quoi Home Décor. Felicia is a gracious host and her style transcends from her wardrobe into every square inch of this property.

Following are some of my favorite scenes in the Main Guest house and an interview with the refined and cultured proprietor, Felicia H. Wiggins.

checkered floor, wood molding, tapestry
The Entrance

checkered floor, wood molding, tapestry

patchwork quilt, 4 poster bed
Guest Room in Main House

Art in Main House

green paint, day bed
Guest Room in Main House

patch work quilt, country library
Guest Room in Main House

A bit of Eunice Literature

country style china cabinet
Entertaining Wear...

country house
...and for Entertaining

Breakfast Prepared here - Gorgeous Window Treatment

bed & breakfast
Ferns & front porch fans welcome you to Le Village
Felicia and I on the side porch of the Main Guest House
JSQ: How are you connected to Jenée Sais Quoi? What do you have in common with this blog?

FHW: I have always enjoyed seeing how we all experience our interpretation of soothing spaces and what delights us in terms of visual images of spaces, imagined or otherwise.

JSQ: Where do you currently reside? And where do you wish you were living? 

FHW: I love living in the country in SW Louisiana where I currently reside. I left here so many years ago and never thought I would live here again, but it has been a wonderful journey full of surprises. I may not have been open to owning this Cajun retreat and B & B until this point in life (I am a little ways over 60 yrs old:).  Luckily my sweet husband has made it possible for me to continue on this journey to reunite with long-lost cousins and friends old & new.

The only other place I could live is New Orleans ( I lived there in the French Quarter for 20 years). Also, I love Maine where I have a daughter/family/granddaughters, but it would probably be only for summers.

JSQ: What is your first Fashionable memory?

FHW: My first fashionable memory is from my aunt (my mother's sister) we call her Memere. (she is 96yrs old this year). She left Louisiana and moved to Houston in the '60s and came to visit us always dressed "to the nines". My cousins (unfortunately both deceased) were the most glamorous  redheads (real) I had ever seen!
She always told me to sleep on my back to avoid wrinkles! and never to drink from a straw because it would cause lines on my upper lip! She also traveled extensively with her husband and the photographs are quite a testament to the way people used to travel. Very fashionably with lots of luggage!

JSQ: How do you describe your style?

FHW: I think I have several styles. It depends on what I feel like. What is my 'imaginary life' like today! Imagination is the key. Also to not think about it too much. I think if you just take a minute in the morning when you get dressed to pull out a scarf or piece of jewelry you haven't worn in a while it plays well to your inner fab woman and says I am worth a little extra fun today! I love linen clothes, but also couldn't live without my jeans!

JSQ: Which category of topics covered on Jenée Sais quoi do you most relate to and what could you add for other readers with similar interests? 

FHW: I have worked in Interior Design and continue to be hooked on interiors and their impact on our lives. I tend to be attracted to the "perfection of imperfection" or Wabi-Sabi, a very old Japanese concept. Awareness is also critical to our mindfulness of nature and the endless perfection of the landscape, no matter where one is. My design philosophy has always been to use what you have and love and add sparingly. But when you change your mind, change it. And don't be tied to what you think is "right". There is no such thing! 

JSQ: Famous quotes stick around for good reason. Are there any that you live by?

FHW: I have many on my Pinterest Page  but one of my favs is:

Know thyself!  It means you have to sit with yourself in the midst of good and bad & feel it & do it & it will eventually lose its power. Don't try and ignore it because it will keep coming back!

JSQ: Je ne sais quoi is about having that certain something special. Would you reveal to us what gives you that je ne sais quoi ?

FHW: I don't know what gives me that je ne sais quoi...but I know that I try to hold/appreciate several views at any given time. I have learned that grey is not only a wonderful color in itself, but it is really what I aim for in life.....It's when you think everything is black or white or up or down or good or bad that gets you tied up in knots!  

Felicia is such a wonderful host she will even swat those huge Louisiana Mosquitos for you :)

green paint, barn, louisiana
Across the way from the Porch, where we sat for this interview, is a perfectly rustic barn (now shed)

Looks like the Cat got out.

If you are planning a trip to Cajun Country or want to plan a trip after seeing this, it would not be a bad idea. Le Village is the perfect escape and adventure.
Le Village
121 Seale Lane
Eunice, Louisiana, USA 70535

Photos Courtesy of Jessica Stelly