Armory Week in NYC: Black, Textured & Comfortable Shoes

In the last few years I've become acquainted with art fairs in NYC since I started doing some art curating myself for 2nonblondes. Each year my partner, Elyse, and I make a plan to hit a few fairs and favorite galleries to meet artists, gallerists and get a pulse check on the art world.

Following the madness of NYFW, and this year's awfully cold weather,comes Armory week. Just as fashion week, the dress code of the audience comes with some expectations as if the art along with the attendees are on display. While Fashion week requires killer heels (tho moon boots and Sorels are ok when it's a Polar Vortex and you are the editor of Bazaar), Armory week is more forgiving on the footware since one is expected to be standing and walking all day. Tho, keep your heels nearby for the evening opening parties!
For this occasion I went with what any bonafide art lover would wear: black

Though, it had a Jenee Sais Quoi twist with patterns and textures.
The top is a steal from Old Navy! (We'll done Old Navy) This sheer black and white stripe button down is a classic and trend piece all at once.
It's a Surrealist optical illusion

It's paired with a vintage wool skirt (origins unknown). The crochet
diamond pattern make it's extra texture unique.
It stands out from it's canvas like an impressionist's brush strokes.

Navy chevron Missoni tights and blue suede boots display one of my
favorite color combos: NAVY & BLACK.

The finishing touch is a vintage necklace from my mom of marcasite and black onyx. As Christina Binkley of the WSJ for "What to Wear in the Aisles" says, "Let your Jewelry speak. Jewelry is art".

To top it off since it's still chilly in these large armories is the
very warm and very chic sweater I have lived in during this wild
winter: Margaret O'Leary's hooded cashmere wrap.
The cream coat is from Zara.

Even New York Dogs love Art... Snobs

One of my favorite works from Fountain Art Fair at the AHA booth
Upon leaving the armory it was fitting that a huge canvas covered military vehicle was sitting right outside. It was the perfect backdrop for Elyse, who I'm supposing dressed in military trend because we were going to the armory (; Just kidding). Hence we had to stop and add this to OUTFIT IDEAS!

and now for one last piece of art to see -- the latest Wes Anderson film --- such pretty art.

Electric Summer

Art Show
What Gallerists Wear

This is 2 Non Blondes
On August 2nd 2 Non Blondes with Arcilesi & Homberg Fine Art Gallery in Dumbo put on an "Electric Summer" Block Party with art by Andrea Von Bujdoss.

The opening party was under the Archway in Dumbo complete with DJs, Live Graffiti Art, Popsicles and Letter Balloons. See a Video of the event here. 
Party Goers 
The art show titled "Electric Summer" is still up at the Gallery in Dumbo on 111 Front Street until the end of the month. Drop in or call to make an appointment.
Gallery hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm and by appointment.
111 Front Street, Suite 222, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (DUMBO)
212-810-7716 or 347-743-4132

Here we are playing gallerists for a night. Note the Electric Color Dress Code

Following is some of the work available by Andrea Von Bujdoss


Heat, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40"  


Yellow Rising, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 36"

Bad Ass Bitch, 2013
Giclee Print on archival 330 gsm Archival Hot Press Paper
18 x 24".  Edition 10.
$500 unframed
$550 Framed

Confusion, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36"

Hot Rebels, 2012
Screenprint on 100lb Archival paper
18 x 15".  Edition 30.
$150 unframed
$200 Framed

Now or Never, 2012
Silver foil screenprint on 100lb Archival paper.
20 x 13"  

So Damn Fresh, 2013
Screenprint on 100lb Archival paper
24 x 18" .  Edition 30.
$250 unframed
$300 framed

Under the Sun, 2013
Giclee print on Archival 330 gsm Archival Hot Press paper
18 x 24" .  Edition 10.
$500 unframed
$550 framed

Interoir Lighting inspired by Junk


Electric, Beautiful Junk, & Home Worthy
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting

On a recent Thursday evening the Paul Kasmin Gallery was buzzing, well buzzing more than usual with all of the electric art, at the opening of Junkies' Promises curated by Ivan Navarro. The first room was full of Light Fixtures and Hanging Chandeliers. Some were wild and decadent with jewels and one looked like it belonged in a Trump apartment in the 80s.  My love of interiors and all the objects that fill it made this my favorite part of the show. 

A Finely Curated Light Show

Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting
Paul Kasmin Gallery, Junkies Promises, Lighting

Curating Pink Art at Frieze

At Frieze Art Fair last weekend there was much art to be taken in. But 2 Non Blondes have a finely tuned eye for what they like and their customers want: Fun, Quirky, Pretty and sometimes Naughty. You see, Art & Fashion go hand & hand. They both have distinctive qualities that tend to define the owner by the products innate qualities. Through this finely calibrated lens, (the 4 eyes of 2 Non Blondes) the following images made the curated cut.

text painting wine glasses photo of dishes pink painting bright painting abstract art colorful masks pink art glass art glass art pink art classical paintings pink art pink art electric snoopy package design art pink balloon dog

*Note: This is not all encompassing, as the Fair was so big even the 2 of us missed a few. If there are works you want to know more about, leave a comment.


Versus Versace Throws a Party

On Wednesday Evening there was much ado happening at the Armory on Lexington as Donatella Versace and JW Anderson presented the Versus Collection. One of the JenéeSaisQuoi art & fashion reporters, -O-,  was on the ground floor to give us her insider perspective:

by:  -O-
The new take on appropriation art that could be watched during Frieze art fair continues. If Paul McCarthy can present a Jeff Koons Balloon dog as his own work, with the only difference being that his Balloon dog actually is a real, rubber inflatable one, why shouldn’t J.W. Anderson come up with Proenza Schouler’s PS 1 bag for his Versus capsule collection? He just covered them with safety pins and Medusa’s heads, and there you go. 
It's a Week of Art Appropriation.
The Bags
Anyway, the models, especially the male models, looked gorgeous and kept their white eye make up on during the party. Trout Pout mommy, Donatella, stayed in the aquarium like glass box where you could see her fitting clothes on the models before the show. The real show and the place where Donatella finally would be in the vanguard was: the music. Angel Haze, Dead Sara, and especially Grimes would make me wish I could have their world of sounds as my wardrobe.

Here are some pics of the clubby scene and the Fashion!!:

The Shoe Art Fair at Frieze

As a 2NonBlonde, attending a handful of art fairs this year in New York, it has come to my attention that serious art goers are serious about their shoes.
This weekend at the Frieze Art Fair, I found myself watching what was going on on the ground as much as what was hanging on the walls. Thus, I decided to make a little art project of my own:
Colorful sneakers are prominent and are a smart choice since art fairs involve a lot of walking and standing. Though, architectural heels and booties compliment the fair with discerning taste. Then there is everything in between that makes me stop and ponder.

Art for Our Generation: Stickers!

Over the weekend 2NonBlondes (I'm one of the NonBlondes) took part in Scoping out the
Art Scene in NY as the city was filled with art fairs.
It was like fashion week for art: all the best stuff (and not so best stuff) was on display, the art elite were out looking cool and the insiders were attending invite only parties.

Many pieces were my favorite piece, but the artwork of Ye Hongxing left the biggest impression on me. At a glance the images are captivating, but looking at it close up, the medium is what I cannot stop thinking about: STICKERS!

- Ye Hongxing & her work - Image source -

It made me nostalgic for the Sticker books of my childhood. It was yet another reminder that people of "our"/ "my" generation are now the Decision makers, the Makers in general. Perhaps Ye Hongxing had a sticker book as a child too.

The day after the show I read an article about the #womangirl and immediatly felt guilty for letting my childhood sticker obsession cloud my opinion of fine art. It begs the question about women in media being too girly.... and to that I say SO WHAT. Do what makes you most happy.
- Close up of Ye Hongxing sticker art - Image source -

I Love Stickers - I love to decorate envelopes and letters with them, I like to stick them in my refrigerator, I buy them every time I'm in Asia because they are the best there! and sometimes I just let them pile up in a box with other stickers.

Drink: Pink Champagne on Valentine's Day

WITH 2 NON BLONDES  (fyi: that's Elyse & Me)

All are invited to attend our Art Auction and Valentine's Party next week in Dumbo.

It will be a fun way to spend the holiday drinking pink champagne, getting Yusaku's amazing pop art at auction prices and showing your love when the proceeds go to Get-Set-Go, a non profit that aids Cambodian women.
GETSET-GO is a 501(c)(3) social benefit organization located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It provides high-quality educational opportunities, to empower girls and women to lift themselves out of the trap of poverty, ignorance, abuse and human trafficking; problems which are still widespread in much of the developing world.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, February 12th

Below are Images from Past 2Non Blonde Shows of Yusaku

Fashion Note: Polka Dot Party

This summer Yayoi Kusama is turning everything into polka dots.

Inspired, I drew polka dots on the matting of my Matt Schwartz photo.

The effect of making polka dots is quite soothing in comparison to how crazy they look.

Fashion Note: Italy - Sexy, Tailored, & Proud

To Rome With Love (and back)

This summer New York is abundant with Italian culture. Well, New York is always teeming with Italian culture with Little Italy and all. Though, currently, the art houses bring a new awareness to one of the worlds favorite countries for food, fashion and vacations.

                                                        Trailer "To Rome with Love"

In the same week I indulged in the new summer Woody Allan movie, "To Rome with Love" and the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition "Impossible Conversations". Both draw much inspiration from Italy and it's characters.

                                            Exhibition at the MET through Aug. 19, 2012

Italy has always been a country I felt very comfortable in, even more than France; my mother country (well my great great great.... grandparent's mother country). Perhaps it is all the "comfort" food, but even before I knew I liked "fashion" I loved shopping in Italy.

It is historically known for it's fashion and vanity. The dress code is always sexy even with out trying.
When visiting this past spring I saw a middle aged woman wearing heels, fishnet stockings, and a mini skirt on her way to work, during the day. Even though it is a very Catholic culture (note the Dolce & Gabbana current adds) which comes with many reservations, being sexy 24 hours a day is not one.

For men, the classic look is one that is tailored. Suits always fit the body and the same goes for jeans. They were doing the skinny jean way before Williamsburg.  Amazingly they all keep trim physiques which is the only way to pull off this look. (America cannot embrace this look until we figure out the obesity epidemic)

Aside from clothing, everything is done with style and taste: decor, coffee, and bar food. See images below for proof!

Italian fashion and culture.... always inspiring

Italian woman on her lunch break, i guess.

Sleekly dressed men on their lunch breaks

Window Shot of Roberto Cavalli Boutique - Baroque printed pant and Gilded Leather bag

At the top of the Spanish Steps, in Rome. The colors alone are inspiring.

Furla Shop window. Spring 2012 trend: Rubber bags!!!

Restaurant Floor in Rome - No detail goes unnoticed here.

Hanging out in the park - with a better camera this could be a Dolce & Gabbana add.

Aperitivo - One of the best inventions in Italy: practically free food with a glass of wine in the early evening

Coffee really is better in Italy

Even the manner of drinking coffee is done with style

The lobby of our hotel - over the top with mixes of patterns, yet still tasteful
Spring 2012 Dolce & Gabbana add. Photos by Mariano Vivanco


Dali was not only creative in his art but creative in his personal style. His moustache became the iconic trademark of his appearance.
In an ode to facial hair and the man remembered for the most outrageous, I give you more moustaches to ponder.