Dude Summer Style Fashion Show

Shopping for guys is not as easy as it is for girls. 
Everything is so basic in Men's departments and the slightest feminine element for some guys gets into the whole confusing grey area. So how do you make it trendy and cool with out going to far.

Thanks to Zara men have a really cool outlet for stylish swag that is affordable. On a recent shopping trip with C'est Fou we stopped at three favorites that are great for cool basics and a budget:


Let the Fashion Show begin:  *** and btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARI!!!***
This look is from Zara. It's a casual look good for day and night. The t-shirt is a finer T in an extra soft cotton and deep V-neck which is what brings it into the night arena (rock & roll).  These Grey denims are so sexy!

This is another look with the Grey Denim Pants. Paired with a slim fit button down, it kicks the look up a bit. This floral print in navy is more classic than girly. Don't be afraid boys. 
If you get only one belt this summer, make it a braided leather belt. It's a classic that will never go out of style. We found this one at Uniqlo for $20! Major score since belts are oddly expensive. 
This look is from Zara as well. Slim Navy Trousers matched to a light chambray button down shirt with a printed silk collar is so hip. This look too speaks to Ari's Rock & Roll side, but with Folksy lyrics. 

Since he is an athlete, athletic looks truly do suit him and his build. This pullover from Gap is very basic, and he loves it because it is thin and soft. The shorts from Gap are made of Jersey material like that of sweats. FASHION ALERT: Jersey Material is making it's way out of the gym and into everyday wear. Just look at Patrick Robinson's new collection for inspiration on how to wear this new trend that all men are sure to love because guys like comfort.

The Jacket from Zara puts a fashionable touch on this very sporty look.

This is clean and classic- The staples of Gap fashion where it is from. 

Obviously I was inspired by my own outfit when I paired this top and shorts together.
and that covers the Dude Summer Style Fashion Show - hope you are inspired.

Dude Summer Style

Recently C'est Fou requested my shopping expertise. His summer wardrobe was already worn out and it was time for some newness. We met on 5th Avenue and spent the afternoon in dressing rooms. The results are pretty hot.
C'est Fou inside of Zara

Next week C'est Fou's shopping trip will be documented on Jenée Sais Quoi along with a Full Fashion Show. If you liked the Sarong Fashion show, this one will be even better. 

Check back on Saturday July 27TH to see how this went down.

C'est Fou and his stylist on Fifth Avenue

C'est Fou Wears Red Pants


Flair, Confidence & Party

Joe Fresh Red Pants

When you wear Red Pants, you have Flair. You might get some attention so Confidence is key to pulling off a look like this. C'est Fou (Ari) has is all: Flair and Confidence. When he is wearing these, you know there is going to be a Party.

This week the Party was at Madison Square Park in NYC with the Deedle Deedle Dees, America's Ultimate Teaching Band. When the gates opened up, hundreds of strollers descended!!!

Below Ari is singing one of my favorite songs, "Marie Curie' which is partially in French. Note the plug he gives to Jenée Sais Quoi  :)

Joe Fresh Red Pants
The best Accessory for Red Pants.... An Electric Guitar

Joe Fresh Red Pants
The best Rock Concerts have Bubbles

They are both wearing ties.......... Syke!         The one on the left is PRINTED!!!

Louisiana Joke

This morning my mom sent this joke to me. Remember from my Mother's day post.... she is always telling jokes. It was too funny not to share and who doesn't love a good Boudreaux and Thibodeaux joke?!

Ancient copper wiring
After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year outside of New York City , New York scientists found traces of copper cable dating back 100 years. They came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, a Los Angeles , California archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet somewhere just outside Oceanside . Shortly after, a story in the LA Times read:

 " California archaeologists report a finding of 200 year old copper cable, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers."

One week later, a newspaper in New Orleans , La reported the following:

 "After digging down about 30 feet deep near a Bayou in the community of Lafayette Louisiana , Boudreaux, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found.....absolutely nothing. Boudreaux has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Louisiana had already gone wireless".

                                             You'Re Welcome

First Chair Dance in Acadiana

It's C'est Fou Saturday and this Video still makes me laugh a year later. 

I have no hard evidence to prove it, but this might be the first time this wedding ritual was ever performed in Eunice, Louisiana. At our Cajun Jewish Wedding we did it all.

Just before the Chair Dance we took part in a Cajun tradition, the Money dance which is where guests pin money on you to take you for a spin on the dance floor. It's really a great way to get a dance in with most of your guests in a short time. Now the Chair dance is certainly entertaining for all as you hold on for dear life and try your best to have fun up in the air while possibly drunk friends bob you up and down. The chairs were also sentimental and somewhat a fashion statement. They were the chairs of my great grandfather: Wooden body with real cow hide seat covers. He was really from the country.

Watching Ari's face is the best. I never see him very scared but here he is quite frightened at times.

First Wedding Anniversay = Paper Present

Oh no - It's almost our first anniversary and since I've been sick for half a month I've had no head space to plan the best 1st anniversary present ever. Starting now!!!!!!

...a look back...
rehersal supper wedding one year wedding anniversary

As a little girl coming across this traditional notion that the 1st wedding anniversary gift be PAPER - I was so puzzled - Who wants paper??? How is paper romantic???

Here I am still trying to figure this out.  So far this is what a quick internet search reveals:
wedding anniversary gift ideas

(1) a new book for summer
(2) paper plane cuff links
(3) a personalized journal
(4) a map of our travels
(5) custom printed coasters
(6) a handwritten love note
(7) framed keepsakes
(8) tickets to a sporting event 


C'est Fou: Immitation is the Biggest form of Flattery


Last Sunday we eagerly woke up at 8AM to pick up coffees from Delux and get ready to watch our friend, Wendy Monette, make her debut on Open House NYC.  She's an Interior Designer in Manhattan and making a name for herself - Go Wendy!

Here is a clip of her segment:

View more videos at:

Ari was so inspired by Wendy's tour, he decided he wanted to give a tour of our apt since Open House NYC is not knocking on our door. I had a dress and necklace that looked very similar to Wendy's - so on it went. Only he couldn't squeeze into my black leather thigh high boots.


C'est Fou: Ari on Mandolin

My favorite mornings are spent propped up in bed surrounded by my computer, ipad, phone and cup of tea. The only reason Ari is not in the equation is because he has too much energy to sit in bed all morning (even if it is being productive reading news sites on your ipad ;)

This morning he played some back ground music while I worked and I thought I would share a piece that he wrote. It's really lovely.

Ari: The Presidential Look

some of us take the day off, some of us take advantage of sales and some... have way too much fun with beard art, paying tribute to President's with Great Facial Hair

YIP - YAW - We also Love the Great American Cowboy
Returning from 3 weeks in Thailand Ari's facial hair was out of control. Thus it gave him quite the canvas to work with. For most boys in Brooklyn (and all other hipster towns) the mutton chop/ long sideburns is nothing new. But Ari's new look is not about trending facial hair.... IT'S ABOUT CELEBRATING PRESIDENT'S DAY

Fashion Note : Sarong FASHION SHOW

On this trip I introduced Ari to the beauty of
the SARONG - Exotic, Multi-Functional, and Packable

Hailing from island life, the Sarong is naturally Exotic as it is part of traditional dress of exotic peoples.

In the states most guys would never be caught wearing a sarong, but in Thailand and other south eastern Asian countries, it's quite common. Thus, I was able to convince Ari to borrow one of my less girly looking ones. After this trip, he may be sold on what a perfect piece of beach attire it is.

I may have coerced him into a Sarong Fashion show......

to achieve this look: wrap sarong around waist like a bath towel and fold top over 2x's
Ari loving the long dude sarong in front of our Bungalow

to achieve this look: tie sarong at side of waist or hip to let leg peek through
Sarong bikini

THE CAPE SARONG (for the Goth Beach Goer)
to achieve this look: tie long end at nape of neck and let if fly!
Sarong cape

for when your luggage is lost and you need a dress
to achieve this look: wrap and tie corners above shoulder
sarong dress

to achieve this look: wrap sarong around neck and fling over one side, lift chin and look down your nose at everyone
sarong scarf

to achieve this look: fold sarong in half, wrap sarong around hips and tie at waist on side or in front
sarong skirt

to achieve this look: wrap sarong around head starting at the forehead, cross in back, tie in front and tuck tails.
sarong head wrap
This technique is really great when you forget your hat on a kayaking trip, like Ari did. Just at the moment he started to become seasick (which was horribly funny - you had to be there, otherwise I just sound mean laughing at this) the heat was really getting to him. So I instructed him from the front to tie this around his head. Once again, he was loving his man sarong.

to achieve this look: spread sarong on sand and assume asana
sarong yoga mat
These images just show a sampling of the MANY FUNCTIONS of the sarong. Coupled with how light they are and small they fold up, they are the perfect staple for a beach trip. When PACKING light, the sarong leaves more room for your ukelele.  Aside from the perfecto sarong, foreign trips always include a Lonely Planet Book. 
thialand lonely planet

Fashion Note: Bike like Armstrong, or at Least Look Good Doing it


Every top story this week is about Lance Armstrong.  I thought,” What do I have to say about Lance Armstrong??? “ While I don’t care to comment on: To Dope or Not to Dope OR Truths & Lies, I do care to comment on how cyclist fashion comes in many interesting categories.

The Cyclist Fashion Scale: Super Spandex to Super Cute

bike butt
Disclaimer - this is not me :(  You can flash your panties or just ride in them

lance armstrong bike
My Super Man. So Strong like ArmStrong  -- Biking in Holland
When I started biking with Ari around the city and startedto tell people I biked, I always made a point to mention that I’m not one of those “spandex” bikers.  Those guys are a whole different breed of bikers aka Lance Armstrong.  When I started biking in New York, I loved it because it was a great way to spend time with my very active boyfriend and opened up opportunities to add new articles to my wardrobe.

Other Couples who Bike in Style
wedding couple with bike
Bride & Groom borrowing our bikes in New Orleans French Quarter

pregnant girl on bike
Andrew and Emily (and Orion) in Amsterdam

spandex bike girl
Girls in Spandex Picture Gallery

 SPANDEX – I suppose it’s super aero dynamic if you’re in a super hurry.  If you’re not in ahurry but going on an extra long ride, I do recommend the bike shorts with the butt padding – sooo comfy

biking with legs in air

SHOW YOUR PANTIES – Sometimes you are wearing a skirt/dressand need to bike somewhere. I’m here to say, it’s ok to flash your panties. It’s actually pretty cute. In this case I suggest ones with ruffles on the bum. Thongs are not suggested as 1) they would not be comfortable and 2) you must have an impeccable derriere

bike with basket

PANNIERS – This is French for Basket. From this day on, the basket on your handlebars is not a basket, IT’S A PANNIER. This will hold your picnic or an extra pair of shoes – what ever the event orders.

biking in queens
Biking in Queens

Once you master New York City Biking, you may not be ready for the Tour De France, but you will be able to bike any city in the world. Getting to see a city by bike is the ultimate tour.  

kissing by bike
Biking in Amsterdam

jenee naquin and ari

Here we are biking in Amsterdam the day after getting engaged. This photo even made it to my favorite girl biking blog: Velojoy for their Valentines 2012 post on Bicycle Crushes

Happy Couples Bike Together
holding hands on bike by skate boarder boy
Biking/ Long Boarding in Bordeaux

So don your spandex or ruffle panties and see the world bybike.

If you are ever in Budapest, our friends run a fantastic bicycle rental. Bike Base

bike in french quarter
Biking in the New Orleans French Quarter

Ari: Endless Heart

Fashion bloggers have had a difficult time finding the appropriate content to blog about post Sandy. How can we talk about our favorite shoes etc when others have lost everything. It's a time when simply having your life trumps having material possessions.

Ari and I barely felt the effects of the hurricane in our neighborhood which sits on high ground. For us, it was a day off from work to catch up on some reading and movies. Now that we know some of the real life terror that was happening at the same time we were making use of our Netflix subscription, we can hardly fathom the injustice. These past days as more tragedy presents itself we feel almost guilty constantly reporting "oh, we are fine. no flooding. power is on. everything is back to normal."

Today, Ari, with his boundless amounts of energy and endless heart rode his bike to Belle Harbour to offer some relief.
The last time we rode out bikes here was to celebrate the last weekend of summer.  When we went there I felt like we found one of the most special places in NY. It was only fitting to give back to this community that once brought us such joy.
The Bridge to Belle Harbour and Fort Tilden Beach

With his friend, Jon, they offered families a hand to clear out and clean up their homes. They came home with a new perspective of the storm, natural disasters, and their good fortune.

There is still so much to do.

This a portion of the boardwalk on this persons front lawn.

Click here to make a donation to the Red Cross

Modesty - A Task for the Modern Girl

                       "When a cocktail dress is not appropriate for this New Year Party"

My life with Ari is constantly bringing adventure. During the holidays the adventure is finding the right outfit for Rosh Hashana when much of my wardrobe is not .... modest.

Ari's grandmother offers just as much entertainment as Ari. She is a real ole Brooklyn gal who once told a purse snatcher that he must be out of his mind if he thought he was getting her pocket book. End of story.

In the early days of our relationship I was invited to spend the holiday with some of Ari's conservative family. His grandmother was nervous about what I would wear. I'm sure Kate Middleton had very similar experiences in the beginning when dressing for occasions with the Queen. Ari's grandmother's polite way of saying it was to tell Ari, " I know Jenée likes to dress fashionably, but make sure her knees are covered, her elbows are covered, and you know, other things are covered." I thought it was a pretty funny way to put it.

Fast forward to many holidays later....

This year we arrived back in New York on the eve of the high holy days from traveling to the west coast. I had no time to think about my demure outfit. Thankfully the skirt I bought at Leanna NYC in Portland fit the conservative scale and was totally fashionable to make ME feel comfortable.  Thanks Lea.

Ari: Scuba Foot

Last weekend Ari found an old/ new pair of shoes in his closet. Apparently he got them on sale a long time ago (before I went shopping with him). At first I thought they were ridiculously strange but they grew on me in a way.

Reasons I can find to like them and categorize them as cool

1) Scuba look.
This fall the Scuba detail especially in jackets is trending. It's a sleek look and now it's on his sporty feet.

2) European.
While most high fashion and trends hails from Europe, there are def some "strange looks" ( see first impression of shoe). In new York it is usually easy to distinguish a European tourist by his shoes. Note: strange does not mean bad. It's just that my eye is not used to it yet. Anyway, I could live with those shoes walking next to me on our shopping trip to Soho since he looked like he might be from Europe. (no need to explain the American obsession/ love affair/ crush with Europeans)

3) Unique.
Having a style that is unique is always Respectable.

Adventure Post: Seasons Change

Ari is always a sucker for a kid's Lemonade Stand. He always buys one for himself, one for me and puts the rest of the $ in the tip jar.

It's really sweet even if the lemonade is not.

This post is "bitter sweet" because as Summer ends, so do sidewalk Lemonade Stands.

Riding bikes on Block Island on the 4th of July - These 2 cuties were the perfect break


By the way, this is not a normal Lemonade Stand - This is a Park Slope Kid's Lemonade Stand. They are special :)


...looking forward to apple picking and Fall Accessories...

Fun Food: Ari Builds Food

Ari is definitely my "handy man". Any time I need a shelf put up, a desk built, an office built, a closet built.... he's the man for the job.

It seems he can't help himself when it comes to making food. Anytime Ari has ever served me food it is never simply just thrown on a plate. It is always either a funny cut out, food shaped word or feat of architecture.


Grannie and Mandie Leaning tower
Caprese Sail Boat

Ari: Balloons are Magical

Ari always makes me laugh and is a constant source of entertainment. After our wedding shower at my office Ari took all of the balloons, which made the party look magical, and tied them to his back pack. Riding his bike home these balloons made it look like they might be carrying him. 

It made me think of one of my favorite animations "Up" (which is an amazing love story, btw)

The balloons made it all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge where they somehow came loose from Ari and floated into the sky. Ari said it was timed perfectly and looked beautiful. He said he was the subject of many photographers on the way home. I'd love to one day see this on someone's Pinterest page.

Ari Note: Perfect Day

4 months ago "I thee wed".

Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. I'm a married woman now, whatever that means. But for me, I know it's delicious.

It was worth waiting for him to finally pop the question , it was worth all the months of insane planning, it was worth my mom driving me crazy with the little details (thank you mom - i love the details).

It was a perfect day and very symbolic of the life we have together:
It's always fun ( well 99% of the time), surrounded by friends and full of Love

Our friend, Ben Zonan, made this really sweet video for us
He is pretty amazing.

Ari and Jenee from Ben Zonon on Vimeo.

Sign up or come back often to see more pictures and stories from our Cajun-Jewish Wedding...Wedding fashion, Ari building stuff and more general entertainment !

Much Love,
Fun Fun 

Wedding Photos: Sam Gregory Photography

Fashion Note: The Shoes Say it All

This morning was a rare treat. Ari rode the subway with me to work. He's an avid biker and despises the loud and crowded subway. But now and then even he needs a break from biking.

I looked down at our shoes and couldn't resist this photo. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your shoes are The thermostat to your style.

Ari: Athletic, Comfortable & Vivid

Me: Trendy, Chic & Quietly Wild

Fashion Note: Exotic Escape (at home)

After the Honey Moon we needed a little refresher at home. New Life = New Decor

Moving was not in the plan, so a little furniture re-arranging and new accessories turned our home into what we now call: HOTEL ABOOBOO

The house now feels like a suite in some exotic Middle Eastern Paradise - hence the name. 

The Den: White furniture and lots of Green Plants. Black & White Pillow from H&M London Home Store. Natural Sisal Rug - These all give a fresh, cool, decadent vibe white the plants feel exotic. (yes, white is decadent because it's very risky to keep up!)

New Bowls from our Registry needs new Shelves. Thank god Ari is handy and can build just about anything I imagine. Since I was not wild about a curtain in the Kitchen these shelves serve as the perfect amount of privacy.
The Kitchen Look: a bit ore French than Exotic Middle East, but that's OK :)
Lounge Corner in Bed Room: The guitars are used to lull me to sleep and sometimes they are Used to drive me Crazy. Stumper Fielding Pillow shell from Portabello Road in London. Modern art on wall - My Own. Dresser - Ari's design.
Ari Playing Sweet Music in the Music Corner
New Marrakesh Style Curtains from Anthropology really make it feel like we wake up and go to sleep at Hotel Abooboo everyday. Missoni for Target blanket adds yet another exotic pattern.
Mix Match French Corner: I feel when odd objects are grouped together in a tasteful way it is very French. Some of the best French home I have been in are an eclectic mix of flea market nic nacs and boutique finds.
French Corner up Close: A photo of Ari and I the day after our engagement in Belgium. A milk glass vase from an antique store on Long Island. A bronze Sailboat sculpted by Ari's dad.