Invitation to Shower

When it was time to start preparing for bébé

, the last thing I thought of was having a party (what happened to me??? I love any reason for a party). But honestly, this year I am launching a new company with 3 partners, figuring out how to rearrange our Brooklyn apt to fit this tiny person and all it’s gear, and learn as much as I can about prenatal nutrition and childbirth. Who has time for a party?!?!?

Thank god for sweet friends and family who step in and make time to shower you in your time of need. I was just about to reach a breaking point of working, researching and giving when it was time for a trip down home to be pampered.

A week before finding out I was pregnant I was planning a great European get-away to Iceland, Amsterdam and Budapest in late September.

Then, morning sickness set in, and I put a hold on all trips and plans. While I’m free of morning sickness now, I don’t think an international plane ride would be any fun, nor the typical modes of adventure in which we care to participate.

Thus, my friends & family thought I should have a travel themed shower to make up for the cancelled trip.

I also discovered that the baby’s Chinese sign, the Horse, loves to roam and travel. It was perfect.

My mom rented one of the most beautiful homes in the whole world: The 150 House at

Le Village

situated in the country side outside of our town.

It was a perfect back drop to ALLLLLLLL the decorations my mom and friend, Jessica, made.

The décor started with the invitations: little passports with details about the shower.

Upon entering there was a sign, "Wood Horse International" as if guests were entering an airport. (Wood Horse is the baby’s Chinese Zodiac Sign).

The next check point was Customs and a spot to make any Declarations.

All money and gifts were left here.

This customs' agent kept all the goods !

Maps were used in much of the decor including this very sweet sign my mom made of the babies first travels - from Colorado and Louisiana to New York. This made my hormonal body tear up. 

Horses were also dotted into the decor since it's the baby's zodiac sign.

The Entry table was decorated with sweet baby pictures of Ari and I and the 20 week sonogram picture of the baby.

(picture here)

Then, there was food. In keeping with our Cajun Culture, the menu was a classic spread of home made cakes: coconut, pineapple, lemon, pecan… all my favorites. There was also a plate of boudin thrown in for good measure. For beverages, no shower would be complete without a punch and coffee.

After opening presents, guests read letters they wrote to the baby. It was my request to all of our friends and family to write letters to the baby so that s/he could know something about his/her parents and their parents' friends outside of what s/he will know in his/her relationship between parent and child. It's something I wish I had of my parents and grandparents. So, it's one of my jobs as a parent to try my best to give this baby all my wishes in the world.

The shower was a huge success in my opinion. Not for a minute did I think of work, prenatal nutrition (as I ate loads of cake) and stroller research. I was surrounded by love and thus the baby was happy, which is the ultimate goal from now and forever. 

Antique rocking horse - a present from my dad for the baby - also great decor

Vintage suitcases for all the adventure next to yet, another rocking horse for the baby

Mail box for the letters to the baby

My baby picture with the pink outfit I wore home from the hospital

My Yellow Baby blanket coyly used to cover the television

My first Cabbage Patch kid with his own passport 

A new onesie used as decoration

The Entrance Table

My childhood friend reading her letter to the baby

My other childhood friend reading her letter to the baby

* This post was written last year while pregnant which is why the tense may sound strange now that it is posted post birth. As I said, there was a lot going on and this post got lost in the shuffle, but was too good to leave out.*