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In French, Je ne sais quoi |ˌ zh ə nə sā ˈkwä| is having a certain something special that cannot be easily described.

The first part of that phrase sounds similar to my name, Jenée | zh ə nā |. My parents gave me a French name because of our Cajun French Heritage, and it has shaped almost everything about me.

So this blog shares opinions & stories about living a fashionable life in the fashion capitol, New York, always with an undercurrent of Cajun perspective. It's about serving Boudin on a Silver Platter, and How to take a modest upbringing, entrenched in one of the most amazing cultures (Cajun) and wrap it up in a chic package.

I often wish I could be in both places at once - New York and Louisiana – maybe one day in the future when time travel is perfected.

More specifically what you will find here often: 
  • Fashion Cliff Notes: A Cheat sheets of Fashion education 
  • Bag of the Day: My favorite handbag of the moment (I’m a handbag designer) 
  • Outfit Ideas: Planning outfits for life’s events 
  • C’est Fou: (in French – It’s Crazy) Ari, my husband, is the star here and keeps everyone entertained  
  • Home Décor: Fashion specifically related to the home 
  • La Tasse De Café: Put some new French words & Phrases in your back pocket ( a must for the fashionable crowd) over a cup of coffee
  • Adventure: Places to visit 
  • Food & Drink: Fabulous cocktails and Interesting recipes (yes, sometimes Cajun ones) 
  • The Wedding: Stories and DIY projects from our wedding

About (Jenée)

Most of my professional career has been spent working in the Fashion Industry in New York City designing handbags. Since designing handbags is a “real deal” job and actually involves more than looking at magazines, shopping and drawing nice pictures, I was compelled to start this blog under the original name “Fashion Cliff Notes”. Working in fashion means many meetings and presentations and often not with other creative people. Being able to discuss your ideas and designs in an intelligent way is just as crucial as a lovely drawing.

Thus, the blog was born to showcase styles, style icons and whatever I found attractive and attaching meaningful descriptions. Since then it has grown into many more categories to express more of my design aesthetic through inventive cocktails, curated house parties, and amusing videos. Also since starting the blog I gained a husband, a very funny, very entertaining husband. He is the star of my C’est Fou section. It would be way to selfish of my to keep all of his great musings to myself.

What makes Jenée Sais Quoi most unique is that under the New York exterior and fashion training is a girl who grew up modestly, in a small Cajun town in Louisiana. It’s impossible for me to not talk about Louisiana. It was a huge theme even in my wedding.

Resumé and Services

If you have learned anything from this blog, you know that Jenée Sais Quoi has style. If it’s the kind of style for you and your business consider some of these services:
  • Handbag Design
    • Trend Services
    •  Branding
    •  Line Building
    •  Sketching & Tech Packs
    •  Handbag Sample Construction
    • Handbag Production
  • Styling Services
    • Closet renewal
    •  Outfit Ideas
  •  Event planning Small and Large
    •  Custom Cocktails
  • Coffee talk
    • French Tutoring
For more information about my professional career and images of my designs visit JENEENAQUIN.COM

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