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Summer of Love 2008 - First trip to the Catskills with Ari

During the summer of '08

Ari and I we went on a camping trip for his birthday in the Catskills near Woodstock. (By the way, I did not camp until I moved to the Northeast. Louisiana might be "The Sportsman's Paradise" but humid days and mosquito filled nights are not meant to be spent outside) Our need for adventure was one of the reasons we were so compatible not to mention our hippi upbringing, reverence for incense, black lights, and Janis.  Since that summer,  we continue to make it back to the Catskills for some downtime and adventure. It's great year round and offers newness with each season. Now we take along our

little adventurous horse

. Not a trip goes by that do not think, can we move to a smaller town and live a more simple life? It's a question almost every New Yorker asks now and then.

The Catskills encompass a large part of New York State but our favorite pocket is just outside of Woodstock, near


. A few years ago I would have never let the cat out of the bag on my blog, but the New York Times already did. It's a haven for New Yorkers as its only a 2.5 hour drive, a lovely drive.  It's instant zen. But if you want to do more than meditate, it has it all: outdoor activities,  great food, vintage & antique shopping. The hippies are also alive and well in Woodstock. 

Below are some of my top recommendations for your trip in the Catskills, along with a few of my favorite pics from our past trips.


Emerson Spa & Resort

*the spa services suck, but the space is wonderful. I would not pay for the services but you can pay for the entry fee to use the hot tub, and sauna. Then do some shopping, see the kaleidoscope show and dine. 


Peek a Moose

You can make smores on their outside fire pit!

Phoenicia Diner

Hipster heaven. Everything on the menu is delectable.


Order the Chicken Pecan Salad and Nachos.

Cub Market

Great for artisanal provisions when camping or just pick up a cup of chili.

Chicken Run

Bar food, Cozy, and fun outdoor activities

Bread Alone

Great wholesome food. Pies and Bread to take with you. 


Kenneth J Wilson Campground


Windham Mountain


Catskill Mountaineer


Air BnB

Dylan Hotel

The Phoenicia Belle BnB

Full Moon Resort

Emerson Resort & Spa

What to pack for a summer weekend in the Catskills

What to pack for a summer weekend in the Catskills

Summer Style in Woodstock

Summer Style in Woodstock

Hiking_ Overlook Mountain_Woodstock_7 Months Pregnant_hiking pregnant_pregnancy fitness

Hiking Overlook Mountain over Woodstock - 7 Months Pregnant

Hiking with my new partner in Adventure - 7 months old - on the same hike

al fresco dining_ overlook mountain_ woodstock_ catskills_ jenee sais quoi_ hiking

The Ultimate Al Fresco Dining in the Catskills

Keens_ shoes of summer_ jenee sais quoi_catskills

The official shoes of summer, brought to you by a fashion blogger

fall style_baby style_fall in the catskill_baby and pumpkin

Fall Fashion in the Catskills - Baby Lumberjack- Flannel plaid is always a good idea here

emerson spa_ jenee sais quoi_hot tub_catskills

View from the Hot Tub at the Emerson Spa - Necessary foot shot

phonecia library_jenee sais quoi_catskills vacation

A quiet cottage in a creek in Chichester - Air Bnb

My Mountain Man - building a bridge when faced with a challenge in our hike - stepping stones and all

My first hike with the baby

The grounds at Peek-A-Moose -

Easter Fashion 


The baby's first trip to the Catskills and Breakfast at the Phoenicia Diner

phoenicia diner_ family dinner_ catskills_ jenee sais quoi

He Still Loves the Diner