Carving out a space for the baby

is exactly what we had to do in our 

apartment for 2 in Brooklyn. When I first became pregnant it seemed 

that it would be easy enough to make a little room for our tiny new 

family member. Amazingly, even being minimalists in the baby gear 

department, there was so much to fit into our space.

After tons of discarding...donating…more 

discarding, building, 

shopping at ikea, calling in an interior design friend for help when 

we couldn't see straight anymore, the baby's little nook in our room was ready just in time.

We knew co-sleeping was right for us and thankfully it worked since he 

would have had to sleep in the living room otherwise. With co-sleeping 

he was right next to me, but in his own bassinet. This way I could 

quickly and easily tend to him when he woke or I needed to feed him in 

the middle of the night. Also it allowed me to stare at him while he 

slept from my bed until I fell asleep.

Everyone (really, everyone) reminds me to enjoy this time in our babies life 

because it's so precious and will go by quickly. Thus, I don't feel a 

minute is wasted or not well spent being so close to him, holding him 

and watching him.

I will be very sad when he graduates to his own room.

Now for the room decor!

Family Bed - Bassinest-


/ Bedding- West Elm/ Window treatment- Anthropology

The Changing Station

Perfectly Stylish Diaper Caddie

Meticulously Labeled Baby Clothes

Family Picture Wall for Noam to start learning about his great grandparents

Noam at 12 weeks 

Dali Lama Wisdom & Prayer Beads

A Mounted Horse for a baby born in the year of the Horse

The Feeding & Story time Station

"Storage Loft

" basket for plush toys

First designer shoes from Jill Broduer

A painting made by my friend's daughter day's before Noam was born next to a baby picture of Ari. 

The dresser:

I wanted to find a special dresser that we could keep as 

an heirloom but ran out of time to find just the right piece. So I 

turned to Ikea and it worked out perfectly. Finding a spot for all 

these teeny tiny clothes was the more difficult part. Short sleeve 

onesies here, long sleeve onesies there, sleep sacks here next to

swaddles etc. I decided to label it all so when my husband was helping

he would know what I was talking about since baby clothes require an 

entirely new language. 

It's a little OCD but, in my opinion, a little hyper organization goes 

a long way with a new baby around.

The bassinet co- sleeper:

this gift from my coworkers was amazing. It 

swivels in and out of the way. It sings, vibrates and times feeding. 

Also it looks really good. I would definitely recommend this for co-

sleeping. Also the mesh on the sides made it easy for me to stare at 

him all night :)

Asian decor:

instead of purchasing yet more home decor just for a baby 

nook, I used items I acquired during our travels to Asia to create a 

zen theme including his Chinese zodiac animal-the horse.

Rocking chair:

I loved being rocked by my mom. She rocked me until my 

legs were far beyond the arms of the chair. It was so soothing and I 

wanted to do the same for my baby. The chair was not quite the color 

of my choice, purple, but it was a hand me down from a friend so I 

dealt with it. The Missoni black and white throw was a perfect cover 


Basket organizers:

  diapering accouterments are not so stylish (

Though the graphic printed diapers from


are way stylish!!!) 


they need to be out and handy as they are needed every two hours! 


there are all these other tiny baby things like little toys, little 

socks, little bibs which all need corralling. I found these handmade baskets from

The Storage Loft

well made, sturdy and tasteful. 

…and the rest of the house… is slowly being taken over

Noam's toys have infiltrated the rest of the house

First toy cars are now mantle pieces