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All that Glitters Really is Gold

Q:How you doin'? 

 Yes I had to go there. I'm having a case of 


 mania right now. This morning I was awoken at 6 AM, escorted to Chelsea and found myself at the Wendy Williams show!!!! Ari said, "Surprise & Enjoy" and left me there in the VIP line with my other friend, Wendy, to spend the morning on the set of the show. 

Thankfully he advised me that for this surprise outing I needed to dress "

Fun Fun

".  Thanks to the 

seasonal closet swap

 I diligently conducted over the weekend, my sequin, camo holiday party pants were front and center. I thought, "now these are really fun". 

  (Fashion Cliff Note: Sequins are always fun. Sequins on your 


 are CRAZY FUN.)

So if you are going to the Wendy Williams show and want the chance to sit front row try this:

Sparkly Pants

Bright Top (remember small patterns do not work well on TV)

Flashy Jewelry (but tasteful)

Cool boots

& Fun Hair (like a side braid)

Oh and even Wendy noticed herself. During commercial break, my Daytime TV idol pointed at my pants and mouthed, "i love those pants" while hair and makeup attended to her. Later she walked right up to me and gave me an Insta-glam prize for the outfit. I now own something Wendy touched - as I mentioned - Wendy Mania.

FYI - The Wendy Show is the biggest motivation for getting me into the cardio room where the TVs are at the gym. So if you need some inspiration to put sequins on your 

derrière, only Wendy can make you laugh out loud while on the stair stepper. 

A: I'm doin' fabulous.

A Shot from TV

Not quite sure what we were doing here - Was star struck for the first 30 minutes

and there's Wendy