When in doubt, Go with Gold
Fashion Cliff Notes | Outfit Ideas

New Year's Eve is not the occasion to play it safe with your outfit.  Even if you prefer a quiet night at home on this evening of forced gaiety, indulging in a slightly tacky amount of jewelry and sparkle will bring the party to you. 

So if you don't own a glittery sequin dress or tie, get one now. Since NYE was yesterday they will all be on sale!!!

This dress is my own creation. The fabric was actually a cast off from couturier, Rogelio Velasco. Years ago I worked at a handbag studio which shared space with Mr. Velasco. I was the lucky intern that was gifted left over fabric too small for his gowns and sample dresses. This tiny piece of gold sequins and black lace was just enough to make a short shift dress. A simple seam on both sides and a channel around the neck line for a black leather tie (from the handbag studio) is all that comprises it. I chose to accessorize with faux thigh highs from Gigi K for added hotness. 

My party partner, Robbie, was a perfect match to my gold sequins with his gold lamé tie. It was a purchase from the new H&M in New Orleans. In NOLA it will come in very handy for Saints parties and Mardi Gras balls. 
Suit from Zara

Here's to more fun and outfit ideas in two thousand fourteen !!!