Long before there was Pinterest (or the internet for civilians) I was creating my own gallery of inspiration in binders and note books. (ugh - why did I not invent Pinterest?!?!?) Tearing out pages from magazine, collecting random cards and paper products of fashion, interior design and recipes, I arranged them all on pages with clear sheet protectors for longevity. When I needed inspiration for a painting or a graphic design project (again pre Flickr or stealing images from the internet), I would look to these books.

Recently I considered getting rid of all these binders that I started collecting a few decades ago to make more room in my home. I figured any image I need I can find on the web and Pinterest takes up a lot less room on my book shelves. 

Though, since I share everything else on this blog, I thought I would share with you all things I found inspiring from my late teens until a few years ago.

In true THROW BACK THURSDAY style, here is some #tbt inspiration back when creative types like myself had to tear things from an actual magazine and use scissors and scotch tape to place it in a book that grew big and collected dust. 

BTW, these are totally "pin-able" So Pin to your own inspiration boards.
hot pink sequin dress_ disco dress

hot pink sequin dress_ disco dress

hot pink sequin dress_ disco dress

winter jacket_lace applique_smokey blue_ grey lace

pucci print_dress