ALL ABOARD! It's time to get out of the city (which ever city you are in) and take full advantage of summer's last long weekend. In NYC the nights are already chilly so it truly feels like summer is on it's way out. Getting out of town involves the dreaded task of ... PACKING! But once you learn to be a good, practical  packer this gets easier - Good packing is having that Jenée Sais Quoi !!!

#1: Stick to a color palette. This way different pieces will mix and less shoes and accessories are required. 

The color palette depends on the locale. In this particular series I'm going to East Hampton so I chose a Sophisticated, Preppy combo of Summmer White, Black and Navy. 
Note* for my weekend in AC is was all about Gold and Bright color.

| White Linen Pants - Joe Fresh, Black Tank - James Perse, Straw Hat- Olive & Pique (White zip-up sweatshirt - not shown) |
This is a great travel outfit. Remember that if you are using public transportation: trains, buses or planes - the air is a bit high in the summer. So don't dress for the beach quite yet. 

Later, this outfit was perfect for a casual dinner in the Hamptons. 

and this is how sticking to a color palette plays out:
White linen pants pair with Navy Stripe tank.
Navy Stripe Tank pair with White eyelet skirt....

#2 Tasteful yet fun jewelry. Like big gaudy jewels are great for the holiday season, kitschy summer pieces make summer that much more playful. These pieces are all from Kenya. The shell necklace is a gift from my friend who lives there and the double strand beaded necklace is by Kustawii: an empowerment program teaching women artisans to be self sustaining. 

Bracelets in bright gold add a touch of fancy to simple cotton outfits. Watch bracelet from Michael Kors and Brass Bracelets from Calypso. 

#3 Sensible Sleep Wear. If you are staying at a friend's house or even a B&B where you might be seen by others in your nightie, keep it tame (or at least have a nice robe to cover up). These chinoiserie printed silk pajama pants are incredibly comfortable for sleep and are chic at the breakfast table too! 

#4 Sleek Dress. Though summer beach weekends are usually very casual, always bring one dress which can elevate your look for dinner beyond a clam bake. You never know. A dress like this is perfect because it's simple enough to be casual but sleek enough to look special. This one packs up small too! 
It's a great Maternity (non-maternity) dress too - J.crew

#5 Accoutrements - A few more necessary items (not all pictured here) which are smart for a Hamptons weekend - or almost any summer haven.
A) Bathing Suit & Sarong or SunTaker Towel
B) Summer Sweater (or in my case a white Zip up sweat shirt from a gift shop in Montauk)
C) Sperry Boat Shoes
D) White Tennis skirt

The red bathing suit is a perfect accent color to my color palette for easy cover up options.