After last French Friday, Mademoiselle Love and I did out usual outfit switch to show you how to re-style these Katybelle pieces. 
Ready for more summer Outfit Ideas???

Mlle Love has a black bandeau under the sheer Anchors Away Blouse for a more conservative approach than my hot pink one last week.  Worn with vintage Levi jeans, it's a laid back yet sophisticated look. 

I took the Dotted Silky Skirt and funked it up with a sheer stripe button shirt. To make it a little sexy, a 50s style knot at the bottom closes it and bares a bit of skin. 

More below to get inspired and get dressed up.

Accessorized with Mignon Faget Hive Collection

I love this necklace. It was a gift from my mom by one of her favorite jewelry designers, Kenneth Jay Lane. It's completely ridiculous and ostentatious - these are the reasons I love it. Sometimes jewelry should compliment your outfit and sometimes your jewelry needs to scream: I'M HERE!  Really it just depends on your mood that day (or if you need to scream at someone).

In this case, shoes finish the outfit. Incredibly steep (but comfortable) Lucky brand lace up wedges (left) seamlessly fit in with my funky style going on on top.

On Mlle Love,  I put her in my embroidered slip-ons from Thailand. While I would not necessarily categorize these as sophisticated as the rest of the outfit - they are a perfect choice because they add a touch of well travelled persona to the outfit which is indeed sophisticated. 

Come back on Friday for more French Lessons and La Tasse de Cafe !