Wild Side Expressed

During my last trip to New Orleans to attend Fashion Week New Orleans, I visited the Mignon Faget headquarters for a tour of their offices and jewelry production space. It was then that I was introduced to their newest collection, a handbag collection. Being a handbag designer, I immediately dug in!

At first I was confused how a brand known for it's jewelry could have handbags void of hardware. After speaking to members of the team and Mignon, I discovered a surprising trait tucked in the history of the Mignon Faget aesthetic - one with a very bohemian flair. I find it very exciting to find things or meet people which appear to have a very polished and prim surface, yet have a nomadic, gypsy spirit. Having these little mysteries about oneself is certainly an element of je ne sais quoi.
leather handbag, canadian tuxedo, valor jacket, brooklyn blogger, knitted hat

Taking a look back to the Mignon Faget 60s archives, I discovered a Mignon with a wilder side. This collection recaptures the youth of the Mignon Faget brand. These styles are a natural vegetable tan leather with a very soft hand. They are completely 
unpretentious while exuding quality. Special touches like a blue suede interior show thoughtful consideration to tie back to it's iconic blue felt jewelry bags.

Magazine Street Crossbody c/o Mignon Faget


valor jacket_ double denim_ knitted hat_pink sunglasses_mignon faget handbag
Hand Knitted hat from Iris Mint on Etsy , Vintage Yellow leather gloves

valor jacket_ double denim_ knitted hat_pink sunglasses_mignon faget handbag
Pink rim sunglasses - stolen from Lloyd ;)

This past weekend I threw on a double denim outfit with a vintage camel colored velor jacket. The Magazine St crossbody was the ideal bag for this look. It's easy going casual flair has that effortless appeal, which looks like you aren't trying too hard,yet appear very put together. In addition to it's charming aesthetic, it's the perfect size for a weekend outing. 

Now I'm ready for festival season!!! - It may be called the Magazine St Crossbody but it will be perfect for Main St at Coachella (with a bit less clothing)