The Usual Suspect, but in Velvet
annaliese kirby shopping for leather at leather impact in New York City

Recently I caught up with my favorite burgeoning actress, Annaliese Kirby, at Leather Impact in the Garment District. She is doing some redecorating at her apartment and seems to want everything covered in leather - walls, windows, bedding, furniture....
annaliese kirby, leather store, leather impact, new york city

annaliese Kirby, leather impact, leather store, velvet jacket, NYC
I found this quite peculiar. But even more peculiar was the jacket she was wearing - 
the jacket of the moment: THE MOTORCYCLE JACKET. 
It was not in it's usual format: LEATHER.
Instead, this tough, zippery article of clothing was in soft black VELVET.
motorcycle jacket, velvet, leather hides, leather impact

leather hides, butt shot, grey jeans, velvet jacket

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Ms. Kirby really does know how to master a look. THE CLASSY TOUGH GIRL. 
Corpus brand Velvet Motorcycle Jacket, 
American Apparel Black tank, 
J. Brand Grey washed denim, 
Frye Black leather motorcycle boots, 
Longchamp tote 
and all topped off with dainty jewelry from J.crew.

While accompanying Annaliese I asked her a bit about her plans for the re-decorating:

JSQ: Why are you re-decorating?
AK: It's time for a change! I'm someone who can't sit still - I thrive off of new people, new experiences, new surroundings....I'm always updating my apartment in some way and I just had a moment recently where I was like "F*&^ it! Let's redo everything." I like to keep my world interesting.

JSQ: Where do you get your inspiration?  What is your style at home like?
AK: Ohhhh how nice it is to live in New York! Inspiration is all around us and I feel like my new apartment is going to reflect the beat of this beautiful city. For the most part, my style is very simple - I generally like clean lines and lots of open space at home; I'm more of a minimalist and appreciate soft, calming tones. I'm going to be changing that all up, however! I think mixing up color and texture will be a fun and vibrant change of pace. 

JSQ: Why leather?
AK: Why not?

JSQ: Do you have any ideas as to how you might use that croco skin?  Oh and what about the Red Mongolian Lamb!?
AK:I'm going to use the lamb for some plush, sexy pillows.....and maybe a footstool; how decadent! The croc has yet to be determined....though I hear they make nice paddles.

JSQ: I just noticed for the first time that you have a tattoo which reads: PRAY. Is this because you need to be constantly reminded?
AK:Yes. Don't we all?

JSQ: Can we have a home tour when you are finished???
AK: You MUST come take a tour when I'm finished - we will lie atop a zebra hide with calimochos and luxuriate in the new skins!

*** more about Annaliese Kirby on her website here

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