The Official Cocktail of Le Village B&B
After the biggest free party known to man, otherwise known as Mardi Gras, a Bloody Mary may be in order. Honestly, if u have ever consumed an embarrassingly obscene amount of alcohol, Bloody Marys are more tolerable than water during an unsightly hangover.

When I was last at Le Village in Eunice, Louisiana, I visited Ms. Wiggens for an afternoon cocktail. She said a Bloody Mary is the official drink of the B&B because in south Louisiana one is usually recovering from some kind of party. Her recipe is simple and she avoids the fluff. I find this very smart because who wants to deal with all the accoutrements of a salad in one's drink while nursing a headache. 

But you don't have to be hungover to partake in a Bloody Mary. This cocktail is a great daytime beverage. (I do advise against ordering one after the sun has set - it just isn't right.)

The display is what made it taste even better. For a person like me, I first taste with my eyes. Her serving wear doesn't fall short of a refined southern hostess: holiday cocktail napkins, hammered silver ice bucket, and silver serving tray complete with antique silver filigree tongs for picking up home-made egg salad sandwiches. 

...being fashionable is a way of life - as displayed at Le Village.

INGREDIENTS & RECIPE from Felicia Hebert Wiggins:

Ingredient: Ice for glasses, lime wedges and fresh celery

Step 1: Spoon ice from ice bucket to Prep glasses and garnish with lime. Have Celery available for those that like it.

Ingredient: Egg salad sandwiches

Step 2: Always have a little snack when serving alcohol - just in case your guest gets too woozy. For an afternoon cocktail, small sandwiches are always welcome.

Ingredient: Chilled Vodka - because Bloody Marys are best very cold.

Step 3: First add vodka to glasses so that you can see how much is going in. Half and Half ratios are great for Hair of the Dog.

Ingredient: Bloody Mary mix: V8, Louisiana Hot Sauce, and some celery salt

Step 4: Serve from a glass carafe

Ingredient: Toast & Conversation

Step 5: Keep Good Company