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Recently I met up with Annaliese Kirby at Esposito's Meat Market to recreate one of her strangest Valentine's dates. He was a bit eccentric, to say the least, and told her to meet him for their rendez vous at the Meat Market on 9th Avenue?!?! We took the opportunity to style the perfect hot date outfit. 
Eagerly waiting for Mr. Hot Stuff in Zara Crop top and Timo Weiland skirt

Black tights and Suede Black Wedge Booties keep you warm in 20 degree weather! sort of

Anthony Luciano Origami Clutch in Gold Leather

Nice Pork Chops

Ring "borrowed" from her mother - an Elizabeth Locke original
Appropriate Heart Necklace and Laura Mercier 60's Pink Lipstick

We had a little chat about chocolate, valentines and fashion: 

JSQ: Do u always wear red or pink on valentines? Sometimes do u just say f*^$# it and ignore the holiday ?
AK: If I'm seeing someone, then yes definitely. And always red, even if it's just red lips. If V day consists of kicking it with my girlfriends, however, then yea, f*^$# it, I'll sport a red wine smile :)

JSQ: What is ur favorite bob bon in a box of chocolates?
AK: Milk chocolate with caramel filling! Mmmmmm

JSQ: As an actress - If given the opportunity would u perform in a cheesy valentine Rom Com? Do u have a favorite one?
AK: I have to say that Rom Coms are not my go to films, but if we're talking something like Love GOD I love that movie - would just die to be in an equally sweet, romantic, and funny film!

JSQ: What might u do this valentine day??
AK: I'm going to a comedy show! I'll be sipping bubbly and sharing laughs with someone special. Hopefully I snarf some champs!

JSQ: Where is this skirt from?? Is it ur lucky love skirt??
AK: How hot is the skirt?! It's by Timo Weiland, whom I absolutely adore. His pieces are really relaxed, easy to wear, and quietly sexy. I was initially drawn to the color and when I saw that it had a leather band at the top I was like "ya okay, done". It's definitely in the running for lucky love skirt.

JSQ: Where did u procure these necklaces?
AK: The heart pendant was a gift from a friend of mine on my 16th birthday - three of us had a joint Sweet 16 and the first letter of each of our names is inscribed on the heart - "CAC". It's cheesy and adorable and I love it.

I can't recall where or how the second necklace was procured....but it definitely involved bats.

JSQ: How was the rest of ur rendez vous after meeting Mr. Hot Stuff at the meat mkt ??? ;)
AK: Oh Jenee! I'm not one to kiss and tell :)

What are you wearing for your Valentine's date?