Sporty Chic, Made in Brooklyn and Just Cool
Handbag of the Moment | Fashion Cliff notes

Sometimes a picture in your instagram feed actually makes you stop not only to double tap it and <3 it, but also to go as far as checking out it's associated website!   Campos handbags definitely caught my eye with this nutmeg colored leather and sporty stripe. This is totally my kind of bag. It's a classic, uncomplicated shape, but has a twist of cool with the dual tone stripes. 

This bag is trending in so many ways - 

Have you heard of the Sporty Chic trend sweeping Spring and Summer 2014 ???  This bag will fit right in with your designer sweats. 

It's also Local (not sure if it's Organic too?:) All the bags are made at a small handbag factory in Brooklyn by a really awesome guy named Roy.  Years ago I used to go to Roy's factory to have bags made. I would ride my Rock Hopper bike over to the Navy Yard and apparently look famished by the time I got there. He was so kind, he would offer me to make a sandwich as his kitchenette in his office.  I usually took him up on the offer.

Now Roy Campos has a namesake collection of bags with the help of designer Toni Hacker.  All leather and hardware are sourced in America and sewn right here in Brooklyn, New York. There are many more styles with customizable options, but this one is my favorite... bag of the moment.

Photos Courtesy of Campos Leather Handbags