More Color, Please.
DIY | Weddings

Wedding design is serious business now. A decade ago it was enough just to have an amazing dress and a great band, but the bar has been raised with the technology revolution (speaking of Pinterest, in particular). 

It Starts with color: Traditionally one color was chosen as a theme for a wedding. If you were very design oriented, you may have chosen an accent color. Now, it's an entire palette. Did you get that memo?!

Above is the palette I chose for our wedding. I had an entire color palette because I am a designer for a living and that is just how I would start any event or collection. More on how I arrived at these choices here. Though now, there are many helpful sources to choose color for the less design oriented. 

The website called Color Collective is a great resource for this kind of task. She has found beautiful images that employ rich color and pull out a complimentary color palette. 

Below are some of my favorite works from her blog. Click here for more from Color Collective. 

*** note this is also a great source for home decor and other color projects. 

My other favorite website for finding color palettes is Design Seeds. The concept is similar but it's more interactive. You can search by color which is helpful if you already know your primary color and are looking for complimentary ones. 

Below are some of my favorite pallets from her blog. Click here for more from Design Seeds.