Sporty Chic : Androgynous, Athletic and à la Mode
Fashion Cliff Notes | Outfit Ideas
This week there are few outfit ideas of mine I honestly want to share. It's been below freezing for practically this entire winter! Wool trousers on top of fleece tights and layers of sweaters and huge black mittens with my Lowa snow boots - does not make me feel like doing a fashion shoot. 
(let me know if this is really what you want to see) ?!

Instead let's talk of something way more exciting - Ari's team is going to the Super Bowl!!!!! AND it's in New York. Ever since the Saints were in the Super Bowl in 2010 he was very jealous... Well, finally...

So instead of talking about UnderArmour and Dry skin let's get ready for super bowl parties and cheese dip!!!
Prada Spring 2014 - My personal favorite of the Sporty Chic movement: The Pump Sneaker = The Peaker

Spring 2014 is all about the Sporty Chic movement - think sweat pants as office wear with your heels. Other sporty staples are Nylon bags, caps, baggy sweat shirts, athletic wear, and cut-up tshirts. The above styles are great sporty looks infused with fashion like animal prints, heels, fur and skinny trousers. Also, Denver colors are so much fun - for instance that Orange Fur Coat! This Sunday's Super Bowl party will be a great time to practice the Sporty Chic trend. 

Let me know if you have any questions.