Wine Really is for Lovers


I typically do not cover wine on this blog but rather cocktails. Honestly I find cocktails less intimidating and what more can I share about wine than A) pour in glass and B) drink ?

Though, this week is an exception since on Monday I was invited by an old friend from France to experience an afternoon of the United States

Tasting Tour of Vintage 2011 Grands Crus de Bordeaux.

I brought along my friend, Ophelia, who is well versed in wine to help guide me. Her knowledge comes from 3 main sources: loving wine, drinking a lot of it and being European. We arrived at the Waldorf Astoria (what I like to call a vintage hotel) and made our way to the ballroom through the opulent lobby. As we got closer, the smell of wine scented the air. It was insane to me that there was enough wine in this room which could produce such an intense fragrance.

Ophelia made a list of her favorite vineyards. Now it was

time to discover, taste, and learn.

My Favorite Label at the Tour - I have an affinity for the decorative

A characteristic of young wine is dryness which feels uncomfortable.  It sticks to the inside of the mouth and tongue making it feel dry and shriveled. The purple seems to attack the teeth quicker - not attractive!  But eventually these tannins, which feel so dry now, should develop into what is understood as a fuller body (aka much more enjoyable).

As we tasted one of our first selections we spoke amongst ourselves wondering how does one determine if a wine will age well?

A wine collector standing near us overheard the question and was kind enough to impart his knowledge with us. He


getting to know a vintage of wine in the same way one gets to know a lover.

"After many years of drinking the same (year) one begins to know the wine in an intimate way much like one knows an old lover." He said I'm probably too young to understand this. I suppose the dim lighting and alcohol content were doing me a few favors ;) This comment leads me to believe there really is a connection between

wine and romance.

Château Bouscaut Vineyard

As we progressed through Ophelia's list it was a delightful surprise to find tastes which were not so dry and what we liked to mark as "drinkable now". For us this meant: it only gets better from here.

Finally we reached Château Bouscaut where I met the representative,

Marie Amélie Fourault-de Fontenay.  As we approached I was hoping we would like it because it's the wine of my friend from France who invited me to the event. I would hate to report that it did not agree with my palette.

Luckily for my palette, my friendship and the reputation of the vineyard, it was one of the best wines I tried at the tasting. Also this statement is validated by the uber refined palette of Ophelia.

We tried both the White (a mixture of Semillon and Sauvignon) and Red (a mixture of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec). 

Now on a fashion note:

Not only did we enjoy the Château Bouscaut, but I was thoroughly impressed with Marie-Amélie's choice of attire. It was a velvet "wine" colored suit. It was a fitting choice, if not a witty one too. Later it occurred to me that it could function to mask hazards of the job: wine stains!!!

So you've heard it here first: Château Bouscaut 2011 = Approved by Jenée Sais Quoi

Order this young wine with Confidence (because having that je ne sais quoi is all about confidence)

Also if you find yourself in the southwest region of France, consider visiting the Château where you can sleep over, take a cooking class and participate in wine & cheese tasting. More info


  or Contact: Laure Laborde +33 (0)5 57 83 12 20 /