What's in Your Bag?

Vintage bags Hold Secrets of a Past Life

My grandmother had the best style and the best time. She always told me she lived a life in which no one could say she did not have a good time. This evening bag I now own is not only vintage, but it belonged to my grandmother. Part of the joy of owning vintage pieces is imagining all the fun they saw and wondering which kindred spirit loved it before you. Though, with this evening bag I already know some of the secrets it holds. My grandmother loved a good party, a cigarette, a card game and a cocktail with a maraschino cherry. I'd say this bag stayed out late many evenings and took home lots of card game winnings. 

It seems the last time she used it was right before I was born. Inside there was still a ticket from a political dinner in 1979 to support a mayoral candidate in our town. What I do know is that they served steak and the candidate's name was "Bubba" !!! The rest I have to imagine. I imagine she pulled this bag out of the custom made closets my grandfather built for her to finish off her fabulous look. She gossiped with the other fine ladies of Eunice and made a date for their next card game. 

This vintage black patent leather frame bag is my bag of the moment as it's the season for cocktail bags and the season to be with family. My grandmother passed on to me the spirit of fun and left me with the perfect accessory to "carry" it out.