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Note: Lemon and Pink Lemon props are grown in Louisiana by my Dad

Wondering if you should store your bitters on your bar cart or in your medicine cabinet? In this millennial  revival of old fashioned cocktails, of which many call for bitters, most only know of bitters as an ingredient to add to spirits. Yet since the Middle Ages bitters were created as an herbal medicine. 
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Bitters section at Keife & Co

As I try to keep the cocktails on the blog current to the season, I find it necessary to discuss bitters during the dark days of winter. Hearty whiskey drinks are warming during cold months. Since bitters pair so well with whiskey, now is the time to experiment with these elixirs. 

Also, in winter it is important to keep up ones immunity as colds and viruses are looking for their next victim. Bitters also serve as a digestive which is very important for a healthy immune system. These are served after meals neat or on the rocks. More info here

If you will be in New Orleans this winter, then you must try the Sazerac cocktail. It's a renowned aromatic bitters with 19th century roots is Peychaud's Bitters, which were originally developed by apothecary Antoine Amédée Peychaud in New Orleans, Louisiana.

and while you are there... Stop by Keife & Co on Howard Avenue to  pick up a set of Cocktail Bitters Traveler's Set. It's a great way to experiment with many flavors and they are small enough to get through airport security in your carry-on luggage.
bitters, cocktails, new orelans, knife & co

bitters, cocktails, new orelans, knife & co, liquor store

Keife & Co. 801 Howard Ave New Orleans, La

Here are some recipes from the Set:
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Stay Warm and Healthy.