A Champagne Revolution
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At a recent holiday party, my friend from Germany told me an interesting story about drinking champagne with beer. With New Year's Eve around the corner, I thought this was a great time to share a bit of this champagne "cocktail" and it's historical roots.
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Her husband, from East Germany, was on the forefront of Punk "culture" in the late 1980s and early 90s as they defied convention and the oppressive establishment.

In true punk fashion they diluted their champagne or sparkling wine (or in the case of my photo: cava): the drink of the privileged with beer: the drink of the blue collar worker.

This practice actually originated back in the 1950s in Communist East Germany. In order to reeducate workers and farmers and make them feel more like the new ruling class which they were supposed to be now. In some restaurants they had to buy a small bottle of sparkling wine with every beer they ordered. Workers and farmers did not want to drink sparkling wine - and poured it into their beer. The result was a surprisingly interesting and powerful drink, that went by the very old school name of Herrengedeck
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A modern variation would include real Champagne, preferably Moet&Chandon referring to a traditional Kir Royal - that one is now known as Beer Royal.

This practice was expressed as an act of rebellion at the height of punk culture in the late 80's. For instance at a very formal reception one would order beer from a waiter when everyone is drinking champagne and then ask for the "refil" to be poured on top of the beer. 

Now that was a serious F...U... to the establishment. So punk.

Lastly it has some pretty practical purposes having nothing to do with politics and everything with just feeling good. After way too much Champagne with you friends, order one beer and pour a bit in every glass. It really soothes the stomach! 

So this New Year's Eve remember this trick rather you need to make a political statement or just save yourself from a stomach ache. 
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