Update your Wardrobe without Buying anything New
Series | How to Have that Jenée Sais Quoi

This is usually a video series which aims to enlighten one on the tips and tricks to having "that certain something special" or as I like to say, "that Jenée Sais Quoi". But today the story will be told in photos.

This weekend was filled with the daunting task of changing out my seasonal wardrobe - this includes taking all of my winter stuff out of storage bags and boxes, packing away the summer stuff and re-introduing the winter wardrobe to it's home for the next 6 months. It happens twice a year and I dread it almost as much as doing my taxes. But when you have that je ne sais quoi, your wardrobe is a small job in itself.

While rediscovering some of my winter wardrobe, it was a great time to make improvements to some favorite pieces. This is how to update your wardrobe with out buying anything new.

Resoling shoes 

Some shoes are classic and never go out of style like the ones above: Black boots, nude ballerina flats and camel oxfords. When shoes are this classic and you have already gone through the trouble of finding the perfect style don't let a worn out heel be your reason for throwing them out. For your favorite shoes simply bring them to a shoe repair shop for new soles/ heels/ and shining. Shoe repair shops are great places to also fix handbags and almost any leather accessory. 

Turn a summer look into a Cozy one

Before putting away all of my summer dresses, I paired some with winter sweaters for new outfit ideas. Simple summer dresses make great winter skirts when worn with a wintery top (as long as the color and print do not scream island vacation).

While you are reorganizing everything...
Accessorize some New Looks

I threw together this Jim Thompson silk scarf Ari bought me in Thailand with this new sweatshirt from Old Navy. It's a great example of mixing High and Low. A silk scarf and sweatshirt are also a very unexpected combination which = instant fashion ensemble. 


I've had this yellow taffeta skirt for years (OK maybe a decade) and it never got any use because it's long length prevented it from being very wearable. So I had it altered by shortening it to what I call "the Dior" length ala the New Look and now it's ready for cocktail parties and more. If you don't know how to sew, your local cleaners usually offers this service. 

Updating your wardrobe doesn't have to to mean buying anything new, but knowing how to work with what you have by making it new.