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October is here so it's beyond time to get ready for fall and winter. My friends in Louisiana have a little more time on their hands, but here in New York, I have new rugs for the apartment, a new cashmere sweater and my eye on some new fall booties.  Then I did something very Martha Stewart the other night. I preserved the sage I grew this summer on my Brooklyn Stoop in butter!  Have you tried sage butter yet? It's the taste of Fall and a really easy way to make a simple dish seem more complex. I add it to butternut squash ravioli, plain pasta or roasted vegetables. The possibilities are endless. 

This can be made on an as needed basis, but if you have an excess of herbs, it's a great way to preserve them. Also try thyme and rosemary or make your own herb mixture!

It was my idea but I followed the directions from the Joy of Cooking. They really do a great job of explaining the exact process since all sorts of funky things happen when browning butter. 

Consider making a few extra jars as presents too. 


1 lb of Butter

Step 1:
Add to a sauce pan

1/4 c of Sage

Step 2:
Measure sage to your preference

Step 3:
Melt and Brown butter

Step 4:
Add Sage to Butter and let set

Whisk or mixer

Step 5:
When the butter becomes partially solid, whip it!

Step 6:
Store butter in a jar in the fridge or freezer. (this is a really cute & thoughtful present)