FRENCH FRIDAY #25 "Avant-garde"

This Weeks French Phrase: avant-garde
La Tasse de Cafe | French Vocabulary by Mademoiselle Love

Pronounced : [ah-vaun gard]  **note the T is silent** 
Translation : innovative, experimental, modern, pushing boundaries

Today, instead of café, I'm drinking a delicious earl gray tea latte from, um, Starbucks. For the record, I actually like their coffee, but normally, I try to avoid the mega-chain. Anyway, as I sip on my delicious beverage from said mega-chain, I'm thinking about today's French expression, avant-garde

The term avant-garde is used to describe someone or something, which is innovative or experimental. Because the avant-garde usually pushes some kind of boundaries, it is often controversial. Some have been praising American designer Rick Owens' Spring 2014 Paris fashion show for being avant-garde and for taking "diversity to a whole new level". However, some were offended by it. How do you feel about it? Let's see what Amy Lynn and Simone think. They just happen to be there.

Amy Lynn: OMG, this fashion show is so, like, avant-garde.

Simone: What do you mean, avant-garde?

Amy Lynn: OMG, I can't believe that you of all people don't know that expression. It means that it, like, pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm.

Simone: Oh yeah, I totally knew that!

Amy Lynn: Yeah right! I taught you something! Ha ha ha! 

Ok, it's still unclear what they think about Rick Owens. But, seriously, what do you think?

Merci Beaucoup,
Mademoiselle Love

Jenée hère: 
It's ironic that just 2 weeks ago we were talking about having Déjà vu at fashion week, and this week we are excited about Rick Owens giving us something completely new to talk about. This is an instance where fashion is truly art. It makes us stop to ponder not only how we view what's being presented to us, but how we view ourselves and the society we live in. Of all the Paris fashion shows from this season, this is the one I will remember the most because it broke the rules. It was a moment to go down in Fashion History.
Rick Owens Fashion Show Steppers

Here is a video of the Fashion Show. 
Mademoiselle Love and I would love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment. xoxo

The Origin of "La Tasse de Café", French for "the cup of coffee"
is a morning radio show out of Ville Platte, Louisiana on KVPI-FM
My dad listens to it regularly to keep up with his Cajun French as he now doesn't have much opportunity to speak it in Louisiana where the language is disappearing. 
Since I'm from Cajun land in Louisiana, with a serious interest in fashion and Mademoiselle Love, a Louisiana girl too, who is head over heels in love with everything French and everything coffee, it was only fitting we pay tribute to our roots and our new found loves.
Tune in to KVPI every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8:45AM (NY time) for your Cajun French lesson and come back to the blog every Friday for more French lessons from Mademoiselle Love. We will discuss useful French  words or expressions for the fashionable girl. To make it even more enjoyable, we will do it over a very fashionable cup of coffee.