It Screamed: Fun! Party! & Love!
The Wedding | DIY Wedding

The invitation is what sets the tone for your soirée. A formal affair necessitates Black & White, very heavy card stock and calligraphy. Something more informal could have more color, playful writing and be printed on something out of the ordinary.

For our wedding, the tone we wanted to set was: Come to have a Fun time because We are in Love!
It was more than an invite, but a story book that all were invited to see how it all ended.

Luckily I have a very talented friend, Cassie LaGreca, of Pulled To Gather who offered her services to help design the perfect invite.

The cover photo used a Buddhist quote since we were marrying on Buddha's birthday. It was very symbolic of the way we wanted to spend the day "Happiness does not decrease by being Shared"

Since these invitations would be going to some family members who we have not seen for many years, we wanted more than a card with names and dates - we needed a little reacquainting. Also, I thought it was nice for members of both families to get a little more insight into the bride or groom whom they did not know. Thus, we included short background stories about our paths until meeting and a collage of photographs along the way.

Then there was the necessary information .... blah blah blah ...... Like Place and Date and Time and other Formalities.  Since we had the wedding in a somewhat remote spot, we included a weekend of Festivities and this needed to be clearly indicated as well.  In 4 cards, printed front and back, we managed to get all of this information in. They were tucked into Metallic Gold Envelopes and sealed with a... Decorative return address label.

For your own customized FUN wedding invitations or any other kind of invitation, contact Cassie ASAP