Oktoberfest Lovin

Lederhosen, Bavaria, Pilsner
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**Note - this Post is a Throwback from Fashion Cliff Notes - I only own one pair of Lederhosen ;)** 

This comes back in due time for 
Oktoberfest on September 21st, 2013. Ending October 6th

In honor of Oktober fest and perhaps the last warm day of the year, I wore my Lederhosen inspired shorts today.  A design from Hayden-Harnett, Lederhosen are traditional Bavarian work wear now mostly seen in German beer halls. While I was in Costume, I unfortunately did not have a stein of pilsner to go with it...but there is time.

Lederhosen Shorts: Hayden Harnett
Strip Shirt: J.Crew
Handbag: Foley & Corinna 

In Times Square: Lederhosen shorts with Preppy Loafers, Sailor Stripes and Metal Jewelry

Christian Wohlmuther Luxury Lederhosens http://inventorspot.com/articles/have_money_burn_pay_114000_leder_6499

Traditional Lederhosen

German Lederhosen paired with Comme des Garçons, Chloe cape and Kenzo boots