Travel Planning Tips

The first time I heard the B-52 song "Roam" on a TV commercial for student travel I was hooked, on travel that is. Being hooked on the B-52's came a little later. Since that day, I've travelled "around the world"and have learned how to best plan and prepare for these trips through some advice and a bit of trial and error. Following are some of my best recommendations for planning and booking your trip.

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BOOKING FLIGHTS and FINDING THE BEST PRICE is my most trusted site for finding flights. When you find the flight that best suits you it takes you to the airlines website where you can purchase it directly. I prefer not to buy tickets on 3rd party sights which tend to have too much fine print. **Note that you have 24 hours to cancel/ change a flight if you made a mistake**


Trip Advisor is one of the largest online communities for travel. If you travel a ton, you can set up a profile, join forums and plan your dream get-a-ways. It's great for researching hotels before booking and general destinations in the area. It's like Yelp for travel basically. It has ratings for everything right down to the seats on airlines.  One of my favorite uses on this site is Air Watch. I can set it to watch air fares to my favorite destinations. When the price dips to my specified range I get an email alert.


Lonely Planet is my go to travel book. I never go to a foreign country with out one. All guide books are not created equal and Lonely Planet is for the more adventurous traveller. It does it's best to steer you clear of tourist traps and find places that only locals dare to go. Sometimes it takes knowing how to read between the lines, but Lonely Planet has never lead me wrong. Note that Lonely Planet offers some great trip planning ideas depending on your length of stay in a certain place. These can usually be found in the very beginning of the book. They also have a website for more updated info and interaction.

I use a combo of Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet to do my research for trip planning. Then I go with my finely tuned travel instincts to make a final decision.  If you need to make long distance calls ahead of time to hotels use an internet service like Skype. It's only pennies a minute.

Let me know if you have any questions and ROAM IF YOU WANT TO !!!!!

This is part of Jenée Sais Quoi's Month of Adventure - from booking the flight to showing up in style and personalizing your drink order even if you fly economy.  Happy Trails to You. 

** regarding flight cancel/ change - I am not certain this applies to every single airline in the world but it does apply to most airlines**