Poised to Perfection

STYLE FEATURE: Kristine Moore
Impeccable Host and a Jewelry Designer: 

Well-Mannered, Well-Traveled & Well-Dressed

Kristine is the kind of person who throws a BBQ party with silver flatware and gold rimmed cocktail glasses. Years ago I got to know her through a job, but I got to really know her at the garden parties she threw during the summer. Her home is undoubtedly one put together with the fine eye of a designer and a patron of peculiar art. She is always dressed like a lady and never breaks a sweat as she serves a multi course meal.

Obviously for all of the reasons above, she had to be featured on Jenée Sais Quoi. She invited us to her home so that I could take photos of her apartment and discuss outfit ideas for summer soirées over local snacks from her neighborhood. She also prepared a very strong Negroni for us upon which the conversation lingered about her travels and favorite summer menu concepts. See below for more of this interview.
Mid Century Couch with Graphic Pillows from Marimekko and Gilt

Always a gracious host, Kristine set out Italian 3 Layer Cake from her Bakery in Cobble hill and Fresh Cherries
KM: This is the kind of dress I would throw on for one of my Garden Parties
Dress by Yumi Kim and Necklace from Calypso
The Entryway has a coat rack and some of her own DIY wall design made of Gold paint and Hot Pink Tape

The Painting is an Op Art piece from 1977 purchased at a Consignment shop in Westport, Connecticut

JSQ: Where do you live? Where do you wish you lived?

KM: I live in Cobble Hill but dream of living near a waterfall or the sea.

JSQ: What is your first fashionable memory?

KM: My mom used to hand paint animals on my kindergarden dresses, which must mean I got my creativity from her. This led to my fashion obsession with Teen magazine as a 10yr. old.   I was always intrigued by art and it’s history, thats what I studied in college.  Jewerly happened by accident.

JSQ: Je ne Sais Quoi is about having “that certain something special” - Would you reveal to us what gives YOU that je ne sais quoi???

KM: DRESSES. My most comfortable outfit is a dress, even when hiking or sleeping, and heels whenever physically possible.  It’s only because I’m too lazy to put an outfit together and too short to not wear heels.

Some outfit ideas for Summer Cocktail Parties (from left to right)
  Helmut Lang dress with Alexis Bittar necklace
Kelly Wearstler dress with Iosselliani necklace
Massimo Dutti dress with a vintage necklace from Paris

JSQ:Who are some of your favorite jewelry designers and why?

KM: Hands down favorite jewelry designs are by Iosselliani.  They are a couple out of Rome.  They are always most original and inspiring.  It’s dangerous because they just opened a boutique near the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. It’s a little too close for to me to resist collecting more of their work.

JSQ:Can you share a tip to aspiring jewelry designers??

KM: Be a real artist.  Study drawing and art history.  It forms your originality and voice.  The fashion world is just a venue to show it.  Stay true to yourself and don’t work in the corporate world if you can help it! Oh, and travel!!!!!!!

JSQ:You are known for packing incredibly light which is not a common attribute of a fashionista like yourself. How do you do that? What are your essentials?

KM: I count the days and only let myself take my favorite dresses for the occasions, then add a couple extra.  I def re-wear too. One pair of fab heels you wear on the plane and if you can squeeze in another you are golden.  Flat sandals for sure and maybe a flip flop.  I traveled 3 cities in Italy for 10 days with a carry on and was fine.

JSQ:Do you have any shopping secrets you can share with us to get designer duds on sale?

KM: I’m a big fan of Gilt and sample sales.

JSQ:Your home is full of so many great books with art. You even introduced me to Kiki Smith some years ago. Do you have a few favorite artists and why?

KM: I have so many favorite artists- I think the whole of the modern art movement actually.  Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, Robert Motherwell, Richard Diebenkorn,  Cy Twombly...more recent,  Fred Tomaselli. Then, there is Gustav Klimt.  I think I like artists for their line, color and abstraction.

JSQ:Kristine, you are known for throwing amazing dinner parties and BBQ parties - could you share with us an ideal menu for an outdoor summer party to get us through the rest of summer 2013

KM: This year I’m really into grilled peaches and grilled fish.
Grilled peaches go with everything from fish to pork.  I’ve been putting them in salads too. Tonight I made them with seared scallops with thyme.  Grilling a white fish on top of a bed of scallions is amazing. Let the scallions get a bit scorched and serve together.  I love to serve a watermelon salad of arugua, feta cheese and a bit of fresh mint or basil with a citrus vinagrette.   For a party I will always make a punch maybe with aperol and grapefruit juice. For desert there is alway a pie.
Thanks Kristine for sharing some of your secrets and your beautiful home. To check our more of Kristine's jewelry design visit kristinemoore.com
Jenée Sais Quoi

A hot pink doodle by Kristine

Phillip Lim Handbag

KM: This is an outfit I would put together for a summer gallery show in Chelsea

Necklace by  Iosselliani and Dress by Helmut Lang

Party Over