Island State of Mind


Floral Prints, Island spirit & Summer Love

In the spirit of summer and it's fleeting days, I present a Summer Handbag collection from 2009. It's not retro just yet, but it does have a 60s retro print! This is from a collection of handbags I designed years ago called Caribbean Joe. Obviously it's inspired by Island Life with a name like Caribbean Joe so these bags love summer.... or does Summer love these bags. ? .
This is a page from my Portfolio. More of my work like this is on my website.

For this collection I combined some unlikely materials - sporty cotton webbing with a corn husk basket weave. As a designer, I believe combining ideas that would likely be a contradiction with the possibility to clash is what usually produces the most innovative product.

I loved the effect of the webbing all sewn together to create a tote bag.

Happy Last Days of Summer and make use of your Straw bags before it's time to pack them away for winter (remember my last bit of handbag advice - don't do yourself the disservice of carrying around a straw bag in Winter).