August is for Adventure

Photo taken on the island of Koh Chang in Thailand
Since becoming a New Yorker, I've learned August is vacation month. It's also time for vacation in European countries like France and Italy. (keep this in mind if you plan to vacay to Paris or Rome during this time) In the month of August, if you are one of the poor souls in New York who has to go to work instead of to a summer vacation home, your prize is a seat on the subway during your commute to mid-town.

With this in mind, the month of August will be dedicated to Adventure. Jenée Sais Quoi is about personal style told by a New Yorker with Southern Charm. One who lives a stylish life must have a sense of adventure. Sometimes adventure involves racking up your sky miles and other times it involves taking a chance on a new hair cut.

Now in Louisiana, where I am from, August was about going back to school. So for those no longer in vacation mode, take this month's posts as inspiration to plan your next expedition. I know I always have to have another trip planned as soon as one ends.

Check in often this month for more adventure ideas and stories.