Mixers: The Champagne of Beers

Beer is a great summer time beverage. It's light and refreshing and pairs well with BBQ and other tasty outdoor foods like boiled crabs and shrimp!

Though, some ladies have a hard time getting over the etiquette of drinking it from a bottle. How bout pouring it into a champagne glass?!  Champagne glasses are made to retain the bubbles so the beer will stay effervescent and look incredibly classy.

Champagne glasses
All etiquette aside, why not use your champagne glasses at your next day-party to serve beer just to mix things up a bit. It's how Jenée Sais Quoi does beer.

beer in champagne class with peanuts
beer in champagne glass with pecans
Serve with Dry Roasted Peanuts and Whole Pecans (because they are fun to crack)