Heat Wave HOW-TO

The third heat wave of the summer has begun in New York City. Now in Louisiana, we would just call this: SUMMER.  Yet in NYC we are extreme wimps when the temp gets over 90 degrees, myself included.

I know just a few months ago I blogged about how exciting summer is because of Campari, Vacations, and Reggae etc. Though we all know, nothing is perfect, even sweet summertime.

So as I take it upon myself to give you advice on handbags, fabulous cocktails and fashionable french vocabulary, I find it necessary to advise on how to best "enjoy" the extreme heat while staying accessorized and cultured.

1. Get to the Beach (or nearest body of Water) and don't forget the Doritos!
Beach Games with Ari in a Vintage Hayden Harnett Bathing Suit

2. Eat more Ice Cream & Milk Shakes
Ice Cream Party at Farmacy in Brooklyn - The hippest old fashioned Soda Shop around. 

3. Invest in a Wide Brim Hat. Cowboy hats are quite the Statement Piece
Accessorize with Turquoise, Braids, Coral lipstick and a Montana Backdrop

4. Let the Cinema cool you off. See this summer's Indie fav: Francis Ha