Dude Summer Style Fashion Show

Shopping for guys is not as easy as it is for girls. 
Everything is so basic in Men's departments and the slightest feminine element for some guys gets into the whole confusing grey area. So how do you make it trendy and cool with out going to far.

Thanks to Zara men have a really cool outlet for stylish swag that is affordable. On a recent shopping trip with C'est Fou we stopped at three favorites that are great for cool basics and a budget:


Let the Fashion Show begin:  *** and btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARI!!!***
This look is from Zara. It's a casual look good for day and night. The t-shirt is a finer T in an extra soft cotton and deep V-neck which is what brings it into the night arena (rock & roll).  These Grey denims are so sexy!

This is another look with the Grey Denim Pants. Paired with a slim fit button down, it kicks the look up a bit. This floral print in navy is more classic than girly. Don't be afraid boys. 
If you get only one belt this summer, make it a braided leather belt. It's a classic that will never go out of style. We found this one at Uniqlo for $20! Major score since belts are oddly expensive. 
This look is from Zara as well. Slim Navy Trousers matched to a light chambray button down shirt with a printed silk collar is so hip. This look too speaks to Ari's Rock & Roll side, but with Folksy lyrics. 

Since he is an athlete, athletic looks truly do suit him and his build. This pullover from Gap is very basic, and he loves it because it is thin and soft. The shorts from Gap are made of Jersey material like that of sweats. FASHION ALERT: Jersey Material is making it's way out of the gym and into everyday wear. Just look at Patrick Robinson's new collection for inspiration on how to wear this new trend that all men are sure to love because guys like comfort.

The Jacket from Zara puts a fashionable touch on this very sporty look.

This is clean and classic- The staples of Gap fashion where it is from. 

Obviously I was inspired by my own outfit when I paired this top and shorts together.
and that covers the Dude Summer Style Fashion Show - hope you are inspired.