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STYLE FEATURE: Angela of the Lower East Side and a Pastry Chef

Chill, Quirky, and Cute

Angela is one of the last cool vestiges in the Lower East Side. She keeps an apartment with he fiancé in  one of the few remaining original apartment buildings  in NYC (pre luxury in the LES). It's the real New York Style. Inside their cozy digs it is filled with instruments and vintage records and random quirky objects. He is an amazing musician and she is his biggest fan. Angela keeps the kitchen full of baking apparatuses and sweet treats as she is a very talented baker. Every morning you can find her at The Smile making breads, cookies and pies for the stylish pastry-goers in the city.  

Featured on Jenée Sais Quoi for her chill attitude and cute style, Angela invites me in to discover her quirkiest objects and sweet treats while answering a few questions.
Lower East Side, New York City, Apartment Buildings
The Lower East Side in New York City

Welcome to Angela's where Chinatown runs into the LES

Angela dotes on her newly baked goods - Yeah Banana Bread

JSQ: What do people call you? Do you have a nickname
A: Pretty much just Angela or forms of it like Angie, Ang

JSQ: What do you and Jenée Sais Quoi have in common?
A: I love fashion, drinks and fun. What more do you need in life?!!? ...maybe food

JSQ: Where do you live? Where do you wish you lived?
A: NYC lifer, but there's always a part of me that wanted to live in Northern California. 

JSQ: What is your first fashionable memory?
A: There's a picture of me at age 3. My hair is braided up and in a ponytail. I'm holding a chicken leg and wearing a Gremlins T-shirt.  I also wore lots of 2 piece outfits for some reason. 

JSQ: What is your style?
A: Uniqlo meets urban outfitters sales rack meets waking up way too early to really understand what I'm putting on. Plus a pop of color. 

JSQ: Jenée Sais Quoi is intended to Entertain its readers with Fashion and Culture through Outfit Ideas, Favorite Home decor, Exotic Cocktails, Intriguing Art and good jokes. With which category do you connect most?
A: I enjoy furniture that functions as something else. My favorite cocktail is a Pimm's Cup (it's Southern like Jenée). Delicious and refreshing. 
JSQ: Is there a quote that gets you through the day?
A: No matter where you go, there you are