A Gumbo of Southern & Posh

Söpö: A boutique that manages to capture the zany side of the city's character while remaining poised and refined
Sopo New Orleans, Dressing Room
SÖPÖ = Southern Posh
Smart, Zany, & Inviting
Sopo Nola Sinage

Sopo Boutique New Olreans

As I stepped into Söpö, there was so much to look at, and I wanted to look at it all. This is the kind of boutique that beckons your attention and your gift giving spirit. There are so many items you want for yourself and if not for yourself, then you know someone you would want to give it to.

The item that got me into the store was a very unique accessory that they carry by artist: Ellen Macomber. It's a screen printed silk scarf with a New Orleans road map.  It's the perfect mix of kitsch and class and a truly tasteful souvenir from NOLA.

Taken by surprise, SÖPÖ has great gifts for the boys too. For instance, they carry a very dapper selection of bow ties and pocket squares for the true Southern Gentleman. Oh, and this iconic New Orleans Map print can also be found on a bow tie, pocket square and neck tie as well.
bow ties

pocket squares
Pocket Squares by Fox & Brie
neck ties

pocket squares
Pocket Squares with NOLA map

Anyone that has visited the city of New Orleans knows that it's slightly off-kilter (and that is what makes it wonderful). The appreciation for the unconventional is alive and well at SÖPÖ where porcelain crawfish and alligators at the bottom of a coffee cup show the easy going, joking manner of this city's inhabitants.
porcelain coffee cups

art akimbo mustache stand
Sunglasses and a place to rest them

art akimbo mustache stand

Sopo New Orleans Boutique, dolls
Cake Toppers
ginger coloring book
Coloring Book
baby clothes
For Babies!

ellen macomber art
Glass Art by Ellen Macomber
pop art, elephant head
Pop Safari Art

ellen macomber art
Class art by Ellen Macomber

serving tray

Sopo New Orleans Boutique
Once you get past all of the housewares, stationary, handbags, jewelry, baby clothes & toys, and everything else on the 1st floor that you were not aware you had to have, the 2nd floor is like your dream walk-in closet.  The women that own & operate Söpö, Robin & Britta, truly know what they are doing when selecting the apparel for SOPO.  There is attire you not only want to celebrate in, but really live in. It would be hard to not walk away with at least one new piece for your wardrobe since everything in here is so inviting.
dressing room
The Dressing Room
dressing room

rope necklace
rope necklace
black and white necklace
cowgirl boots
porter lyons earrings
Porter Lyons Mineral Earrings

These earrings need no story to enhance their desirability but I was even more hooked when I learned designer, Ashley Porter, made these of a Louisiana Mineral. Cheers to the Local movement.
Hansel from Basil Bobby Socks

Umm Cute Socks... We all know how I feel about Sweet Socks and Wedge Sandals - In LOVE.
porter lyons jewelry
more Jewelry by Porter Lyons
eve gravel dress
My Favorite dress by Eve Gravel

Sopo New Orleans Boutique

This Boutique in New Orleans' Mid City Neighborhood is an instant favorite rather you are a tourist or a local. Söpö truly offers one of the finer shopping experiences in New Orleans. If you can't make it to NOLA, check out their website.

629 North Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA