3 Reasons to get into Cream

It was another typical summer weekend in BK filled with beach going and Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park. Yet, even a typical weekend in Brooklyn can still be filled new & exciting discoveries. 
This weekend I made some "creamy" discoveries that ultimately leave one feeling very cozy, content & sentimental. 

Creamy discovery #1: Van Leeuwen Earl Grey Ice Cream
At first this ice cream flavor seems strange, but after you taste it you think, "Of course this would be an amazing flavor!". Who doesn't like black tea with milk??? It is the taste of being content. Though, in the summer hot tea is not so appealing. Yet, turn it into ice cream and it's a year round treat.  Thanks Van Leeuwen for stepping out the box.

Creamy discovery #2: Sentimental songs from The Lone Bellow
Creamy discovery #2 lead us to creamy discovery #3. The Lone Bellow performed Saturday night and the Van Leeuwen truck lead us there

The Lone Bellow are fellow Brooklyn friends and we had the chance to see them perform on stage at Celebrate Brooklyn - the best outdoor concert venue in New York. 

If you are not already a fan, it's time you discovered them. Be prepared to have your heart melted as fast as an earl grey ice cream in a New York Heat Wave. You might want to listen in private because it's hard to hold the tears back as these guys sing with so much heart and soul!

This video is a personal favorite because we share the same subway home. It shows scenes that all F train commuters get a glimpse of when traveling to and from the city as sung in "Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold"..."The F train takes us home..."

This is "Bleeding Out'

Creamy discovery #3: Los Angeles Home Interior
While at the beach, the only thing better than watermelon is a brand new fashion magazine. As I thumbed through my new issue of Bazaar, I fell in love with the color palette of Interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's Los Angeles home. As opposed to the typical male inclination to decorate the home with ultra modern steely colors, cream paint was paired with black trim for a warmer, inviting more cozy homelike feeling. I love it.
Photos from Bazaar Online