Vintage Shopping in New Orleans at Lili's

vintage clothing, new orlenas A few summers ago I read an amazing hot pink book called Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan. It left me not only entertained, but well fashion advised. Though, I will never forget Chapter 5 when Simon seems to cringe at the thought of Vintage Clothes because he is afraid of ghosts. You see, I love Vintage Clothing and know that a wardrobe is not truly complete with out a few pieces. So if you are an "Existentialist or Gypsie" like me, as Simon points out, then "your whole point of view is contingent upon augmenting your wardrobe with the kind of unique and eccentric pieces that can be found only at vintage emporiums."

While Shopping in New Orleans, Louisiana a few weeks ago I found my new favorite Vintage Boutique - Lili. It is extremely well merchandised (which means the buyer has amazing taste), and it does not smell vintage (she has all items cleaned and repaired). I found some serious Cocktail dresses and dresses that make me want to get married again!

Lili Vintage Boutique
Unique, Discerningly Tasteful, Southern Pretty

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and now, for the grande finale ... a Gorgeous, Wintery, Vintage Wedding dress

This is the Veil
vintage wedding dress vintage wedding dress Vintage wedding dress

take my word for it....
Lili Vintage Boutique
3329 Magazine St.
New Orleans, Louisiana