Travel Bags Make a Statement

Tuesday is when I post a "Bag of Moment". Today, though, I can only think of travel bags!!!!!
Walking to New Orleans

Finally this Cajun girl is headed home for a while. I used to have a rule to never go to the south for Summer : heat, humidity, mosquitos.
Exception: my sister told me the crawfish are tasting so good right now, and it's been way too long since I had a proper frozen daiquiri. 

Now, for some New York Fashion trained travel sensibility  - Don't wear a stupid sweat suit when you travel. I know it's nice to be comfortable when you travel, but unless the flight is more than 5.5 hours, you can find comfortable stylish clothing. The person picking you up probably has not seen you in a while - Make a wow first impression. Also, you never know who you might sit next too?!?! - Make some effort. Then finally pay attention to luggage. On this day your luggage is as important as your handbag.  Make sure your luggage is in good shape and not falling apart. Ratty luggage is as bad as having a big hole in the crotch of your pants (unless you are at punk club).  This Moncrief roller luggage I found on is gorgeous. For only 7Gs, you can have one too!!! While it may not be attainable for all, it certainly serves as inspiration for traveling with class.

Travel Well my friends.

This song has been in my head all day - a classic everyone should know.