Summer Lovin - What to Love

The end of this week will be the Summer Solstice.  It does sorta make me want to worship the sun at this time of year (ok not in super hot Louisiana), but here in the North East, summer is divine. A new season brings new stylish trends and new hair up-dos, but it also brings new adventures. Though, the extra long days are reason enough to celebrate because it allows more time for all things to love about summer.... like.....

biking, queens, graffiti
Urban bike rides with friends in the city is one of the best summer activities. It's social, it's healthy and if you like biking, it's fun. In the city, it's quite an adventure. I love finally getting to bike with out bundling up in cold weather gear. (bike outfit ideas here)  This summer New Yorkers have a bike share program - it's one of the best ideas I've come across. It's also in London and Washington DC
It's also possible to find yourself biking next to Bill Cunningham


Picking fruit from trees and vines in summer time is a clear memory. Eating freshly picked fruit or making pies from fresh berries are part of life's most wonderful simple pleasures. Eat more fresh fruit! and be inspired

At this time of year, even the guys show more skin... The change of season brings out new styles and ideas even vogue could not predict.

glamour sunglasses, vintage bathing suit, head scarf
Beach days  - need i say more?!?!
OK, fine: Coconut cocktails, trashy books, Vintage bathing suits, Jumping in waves, Watermelon... Sun Tan!!!!

If there is a sound of summer, it's reggae. Break out your Bob Marley and chill out. 
These guys were rockin at the Jimmy Cliff, Celebrate Brooklyn Concert last summer.
Currently, this song makes us dance all over the house

Sailing Style
The beach is getting pretty close to one of natures most powerful forces - but steering a vessel in it puts life into perspective! Sailing is also another great excuse to play dress up. Wondering what to wear on a sailing excursion this summer? Ideas that are practical for the sport but SO STYLISH. Here and Here and Here

Train Trip, Summer Vacation
Getting there is half the fun, right? Well, I suppose it depends. But leaving New York via Grand Central Station is very exciting. The station is beautiful, everyone is excitedly rushing off to somewhere, and it's really sweet to meet you love at the clock in the center as you embark on another adventure. Here I was going for a hippie look as we headed up to Woodstock. 

What do you love most about summer???