Styled: Shin has Good (Taste)


Shin, the General Manager at the new happening Soho restaurant Charlie Bird, has good taste in clothes and food
Charlie Bird, New York
In preparation for the opening, not only was Shin fine tuning every detail of this restaurant, but I came over to even help her fine tune her look for this new trendy dining spot. Our styling session was documented a few weeks ago here.

This outfit worn by Shin was certainly inspired by our Ms. Meow Board
Charlie Parker - Ms. Meow

This sassy animal print dress with tuxedo jacket is a perfect compliment to the bold décor and color used in this carefully stylized restaurant.

Charlie Bird, New York, Banquet


Charlie Bird, New York, Banquet

Charlie Bird, New York, Banquet
On this night, I wore my porcelain bird ring which seemed fitting.  After our night out at Charlie Bird I am making the sign language for OK only because I do not know the sign language for AMAZING!!!!!

So Add Charlie Bird to your restaurants to try in New York, if not for the delectable menu, then to check out all of the STYLE!