Mixers: BRING SUMMER ON with Campari

Campari Soda

Recently I joined a friend for an after work cocktail and some catching up. It was one of those first warm NY days that allowed us to sit outside and enjoy the drink al fresco. 
Thus, what to order?
When the weather changes, your cocktail choices should adjust in the same way your shoe choices change when the temp breaks 75 degrees. (temp is in Fahrenheit ;)

A cold pale beer is a good refreshing choice for this season, but you know what a FANCY refreshing drink is for the summer season???

Campari Soda

Campari Soda, Aranciata, Basket

Campari Recipes
Campari can be served several ways. The back of the bottle offers some suggestions. 
I like it 2 ways

  • Campari with Soda over Ice and a Slice of Orange 

 on the occasion when SanPellegrino Aranciata is available!!!
  • Campari with Aranciata over Ice and a Slice of Orange 

You see, I post a weekly mixer not because I'm obsessed with drinking but because drink choices reflect your style as much as your haircut does.
For instance, when u have a Campari on a summer afternoon it says "I've spent summers in Southern Europe lounging in cafes". Now that is FANCY

Enjoy Summer and all that comes with it.
What is your Go-To Cocktail on a summer afternoon?