Manic Monday


1. Not saying that I am looking to Miss Miley Cyrus for fashion inspiration... but..... I stumbled upon her new video on youtube  and I'm really digging this Blusher Beanie combo. I have a feeling some hat manufacturer is going to jump on this - watch out Fall 2013 - I'm totally going to DIY one of these. 
Watching the video is strongly recommended - seriously entertaining. Will possibly leave you perplexed. (warning: this video might be blocked on your work computer ;)

2. Fashion tip #? Keep a beautiful bowl of berries laying around your fridge. 
For more inspiring instagram photos from Jenée Sais Quoi follow here

3. "Men are the New Women" as per Nick Graham of NGO Inc. and founder of Joe Boxer in an online article in WWD. Guess what!? Men, yes straight ones, are starting to care about fashion. 
 Is it all of the estrogen being pumped into milk? High def cameras? or Have guys just figured out when you look good, you feel good and others around you respond accordingly. Good Read on WWD

Are you having a Manic Monday? Hope this helps.