Happy Father's Day to an Iconic Eccentric - My Dad


Dad in his King Fish Suit

Kisses, Seer Sucker Suit, Wedding Day
 For my wedding I requested my dad wear a classic southern searsucker suit since we would be celebrating in Louisiana. He kept referring to it as his “Kingfish Suit”. Hence, Huey P. Long lives on in the hearts and minds of the good ole people of Louisiana. For this occasion my dad ordered almost as many shoes as I did as he could not decide on the perfect wing tip oxfords. I love his appreciation of the small details and  the importance of style
Seer Sucker Suit, Nicole Miller Wedding dress, checker floor
Note - The Shoes
My dad, as unlikely as it may appear, might be responsible for my fashion flair. Though, thank goodness for my mom who indulged me in my shopping addiction. Together they turned me into a fashion patron and style critic and creator.

Back to my dad since it’s Father’s Day – while he definitely has made some fashion faux pas, he gets loads of points for experimenting and using fashion as a way to express all of the things he has to say.

Thanks Dad for... everything.